Tuesday, March 19, 2013

San Francisco

I thought I would quickly share my trip to San Francisco to see my eldest son.
He works in the city so I did not ask him to take me there to shop or do touristy things because I know he does not care to be there as he is always there. However, he did want to take me to one of his favorite restaurants...Gary Danko.

I snapped a few pictures of our drive. This is not the Golden Gate Bridge, but it runs almost parellel.

The only picture I got of my son...We just were not really thinking about pictures. It has been 4 long years since I had seen him. Too long!

This is a picture I already had of my son :)

A little gift the chef gives to the women before you leave the restaurant...banana bread.
I have to say this was the ultimate dinning experience. Waiters galore to serve you and every bite of food was beyond fabulous!!! It was expensive, but worth it. Nice for special occasions.


Let me just say this trip was all about the food! My favorite burger place. We got ours without the bun!
sliced pickles, homemade thousand island dressing, grilled onions, grilled burger wrapped in lettuce.

The airlines that took me out was suppose to get me to San Francisco by 11a.m. on Friday morning, but   it was 15 long hours! I did not arrive until 7:30pm. Needless to say, I was not happy...long waits, etc.
I just might have gone to the city and spent a little time there, but since it was late and the day was long, we opted to head to a local Mexican food restaurant and enjoy a Margarita with our dinner :)

I had high hopes of finding some crafty, fun kind of places, but did not know where to go. But, the creative Goddess was smiling at me and on my return trip there were a few delays, but not as bad. I do understand things happen, but I will not fly this particular airline again. I was waiting on my flight home from Philadelphia and I wanted to have a salad and could not find a vendor near my terminal , so I ventured to another part of the airport and LOOK what I found!!!!
The most amazing dolls ever!
I was trying to hurry, with my salad in hand to get back to my part of the airport so the pictures were snapped hastily! I wish I would have had time to linger and absorb what I was looking at...sigh!

The dolls are created by Ellen Benson.....

There were so many!!!


Just fabulous!!!!

My book for the trip was this:

by my favorite author, Lynn Andrews

I am sooo grateful to have been able to go to Sunny California to see my beloved son!
I got to come back to snow...unbelievable! 
It is all good :)


  1. So glad you got to spend some time away and visit your oldest - He looks like the same sweet boy. I know you wish the miles were not so many, but he looks like he is doing well. It is HOT here - enjoy that snow. (:

  2. Hi Gina,

    Thanks! :)
    He such an amazing man (always my baby lol!)
    To have moved to a place where he knew no one and began
    a life, career and everything else! I am very proud of him.
    I know...I should not complain about the snow, better then being hot :)
    Have a great week! xo

  3. Thank you, dear Marie, to share your wonderful trip and meeting with your son ! What a special time you had ! I am very happy for you. Love those little dolls you found on your way. I will visit the site. More inspiration ?
    Have a Happy Easter !

    1. Hi dear Isabelle,

      oh it was wonderful spending time with my son. He took good care of his momma :)
      Those dolls were fabulous, wished I would of found them wayyyy sooner.
      Happy Easter to you xo <3

  4. Marie, what a happy post! I'm the same way with taking photos, sometimes the camera just takes away too much from the moment. You have pictures in your heart instead, right? xo

    1. Peggy,
      To be with my son after soooo long of being apart...it was such a great joy! Whatever we did was special...I even sat and stitched some cushions that needed repaired and ironed shirts for him. It was a joy...he is always my baby.
      I agree about pictures. I just wanted to "be"present with my son and not worry about taking lots of pictures, although it is fun to reminisce when you have photos. :)
      I have "heart photos"lol! xo <3

  5. I really enjoyed going to San Francisco via your post and visit with your son. it just seems like your visit was to brief, but incredibly packed. I was smitten by the gallery of doll. I visited you after you posted but realized that I had gotten detracted by the folks and forgot to post. These remind me of the folks that first inspired me as a little girl to dig a sick out of my sick drawer and make a doll as described in Little House In The Big Wood. What a find.

    1. Oh Becky my visit was too short! and too fast. Did I tell you about my 15 hour day...ugh. My plane was delayed then cancelled and I was rerouted to North Carolina...oh it was a long day but so worth seeing my son at last.
      Those dolls in the airport were so inspirational!

  6. So glad you got out to sunny Calif. to visit your son. A handsome man he is!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time and got to go to some great restaurants...will have to check out your favorite one on our next visit up to SF.
    Amazing to see Ellen Bensen's dolls on your blog. She was in Oaxaca at our same B&B-Casa Colonial! A really fun person to connect with-she gave us fun shopping tips and bought some of my stuff after the workshop!
    Loving my heart pin and fortune cookie and angel!

  7. Oh my goodness...talk about a small world after all!:)
    I wish I could have stayed at the display cases and really taken in the amazing-ness! of Ellen's work.Incredible that she was their with you and I was observing her work at an airport in Philadelphia lol!
    It was fabulous being in California and being with my son.
    I would love to live there again...
    I miss it. There is so much to see and do. Awww...glad you like the things xoxo <3

    1. I little something on the way to you...should be there by Saturday...

  8. Thank you....thank you so much Mary! I love my goodies. xoxo