Thursday, June 23, 2011

wooly heart

This is a wip and I would have posted the pictures yesterday but "Blogger" decided not
to let me : /
I have used the beautiful red hand dyed wool and other hand dyed fabrics from Gerdiary.

The indigo colored background cloth is not hand dyed.
I do not even know what I will call this cloth, but I will see.... The inspiration for it came after I hung all of my quilt pieces on the wall. When I stood back I realized a common theme I use is the "heart".
I decided I wanted to do a study of different hearts in cloth. "Different",  meaning just different ways of stitching and expressing "matters of the heart".


The "woolly" or "wooly"  heart! ( wool-ee can be spelled both ways, I learned something new)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Summer Celebration!
(gifted) rusty bell, which has a beautiful sound, bundled sage, etc.....

feathers, sea shell, sea glass, turquoise, amethyst, and (gifted) piece of driftwood from the ocean.

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

delicious fabric!

Some delicious fabric....hand dyed red wool and various hand dyed fabrics from Gerdiary.

As I pulled these lovelies out and ironed them it felt like "play" time for me.....

Hand dyed fabrics are just exquisite to stitch with. This is going to be fun!


mending ways...

Just a bit of mending....
This is a pair of my favorite jeans for my days off. The denim is so worn it is the softest
 of soft...ahhhhh! : )

A wooden sign I recently bought....
Have a great day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

finishing touches

I have spent time alone outdoors. Quiet time... just thinking.

Inspired by this:
Look at : "hearts in the garden" title.

I spent time today finishing these pieces:

Before you cringe and wonder what this devilish creature is let me explain:
As we all watched the situation in Japan unfold I felt so much sadness for the people of Japan.
I kept thinking about the Tsunami and the water because I had been working on my water quilt pieces.
I was thinking how the radiation was like a devil or demon making everything so much worse.....

The devilish creature originally had the radiation warning symbol on it's forehead  I did not like it so
 I ripped out the symbol. note: Anyone who embroiders knows that ripping out stitches is not an easy task especially on a small piece. This piece is not more than 5" or so.
(This was a fun piece to embroider because there are so many colors of thread in it.
I also used some different metallic threads which really give the piece a fun twist. I hope to get a better picture of it at some point so you can see all the different colors/shades of thread. It would be impossible
to duplicate this one because I just kept grabbing thread from my scrap pile.)

I was thinking about how water gives life and takes life. Inspired by these thoughts, I created this piece:
(the devilish piece was suppose to go on this, but I decided to leave it off.)
Also, I made the red stitches around the border look a little rugged on purpose. I kept thinking almost "childlike" is how I wanted it to look...
I wanted this to look like an ocean bottom, but not a typical blue water kind of scene.

I know my pictures lately are not the best...sigh!
I just can not invest in a new camera right now and the child who broke mine could not give me a brand new one.
At least you get the idea of what I am working on.
: ) 
Lastly, I hung most all of my quilt pieces inspired by this:

I have covered most of my bedroom walls! And Jude if you read this...I only have a few tacks!
: )
thank you for the inspiration Jude. Once I hung everything I looked around and realized these pieces are a part of me. Every stitch and every moment echo through my mind.
I look at some things and think, "what was I thinking?" I also look at others a realize how much I really appreciate the spirit of what was created.

Monday June 13, 2011~ upon further reflection of all the quilt pieces I have hung, I see that I am "all over the map" with my little cloth creations. However, in my defense, I do see a common thread amongst all those little scraps: soul-searching, spirit and matters of the heart.
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

almost Summer daze....

 I have been on vacation this week and I spent time at the beach (lake).

CC License View
daughter #2 and me at the beach. <3

I did a little fabric weaving to add to my Spring quilt.

I am calling this piece the "Bird Weaving"....
It is going next to the butterfly piece. 
I used India Ink to write the words from the Emily Dickinson
called "Hope"
for you who do not know the poem:
this is the piece of the poem I wrote on the cloth.....

"Hope" is the thing with feathers~
That perches in the soul~
And sings the tune without the words~
And never stops~at all~ 

 a "cloudy"  photo shopped version of the butterfly piece and the "Bird Weaving"

I came across this embroidery artist work and found it sooo inspirational:

and this is something I want to do:


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

piecing Spring...

Playing with the layout of these pieces for the Spring quilt I began last year....

I will add the butterfly piece, (from the previous post),
once I decide what else I want to add to it......
possibly words or just more stitching.

CC License View

Something fun!!!!
Love this David Marsh furniture........

can be found here: