Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A healing heart...


sending out a stitched heart with a prayer for healing..... 
I used my 1930's reproduction fabric because to me, the prints
are cheerful. I hope it brings a little smile and "sunshine" to
the person. xoxo


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I finished beading the fish pin and the colors reminded me of Fireworks.....

close up of beading and stitching.......

This is a close up picture I took of the book I am reading by Lynn Andrews, called
Woman At The Edge Of Two Worlds. Lynn chronicles her own journey as well as the experiences of women who have come to her for guidance. Lynn reveals that menopause is a time of a transforming process of rebirth. She shows how the actual event of menopause can come to mean not the inevitable onset of aging and decline, but access to a new and beautiful way of life.
Illustrations by Ginny Joyner.  I highly recommend all of Lynn's books. They are so well
written and offer so much beautiful insight.

After I took the photos of the beaded fish and looked at it, I thought of the song Firework by Katy Perry and how the colors reminded me of a firework display in the sky and then I thought about going through menopause and how sometimes it feel like "fireworks" going off in my body....

I love the words to this song because sometimes life is such a challenge and the words are so positive
and encouraging....
I like that!

CC License View
This is a cork from a french wine bottle.
I think it is one of the most beautiful corks I have seen...
(lovely little angel face).
Have you noticed  that most wine bottles are now corked with rubber corks.
Somehow that just seems wrong to me. Like drinking wine out of a paper cup or plastic
and finally me with clouds...dreaming
of better days!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twin fish

Working on another fish and I am calling this piece "twin fish", inspired by the
Bloomsbury artist.
Fish have a lot of symbolism and meaning for me.
I always loved the Biblical story about the fish being multiplied.
No matter what your personal beliefs you have to admit it
is pretty special to have fish multiplied or anything multiplied.

Speaking of the word "multiply", what about the thought
of peace multiplying or love multiplying?...I like that thought.

That word "multiply" reminds me of bunnies
and daughter #2 made and decorated this cake

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thread love

I found a new thread holder for my desk.
In the past I have had actual sewing baskets,
or plastic boxes to hold my thread, but I wanted
something wooden to hold them. I love that the 
holder opens like an easel and I can see all the colors

A little postcard I stitched that will be traveling "across the pond"
: )

 This bowl is much larger than it appears. I have filled
it full of embroidery thread.  (It is the size of a big salad bowl.) Note: I have a slight addiction...

Water quilt.... 
Have a good evening/day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

fish bones

It all started with a sketch of fish bones....which, led me to think about the ocean.
This piece will become a part of the Water quilt.

 Another sketch.....


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fish Tales

 I am making a fish "brooch" or pin to wear....
The backing is a piece of wool. I plan on adding
some beading....

CC License View

I am busy......

Have a great day <3

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Since I have been so busy lately and unable to stitch; I thought I would share someone that has brought
me great inspiration: Her name is Rosie Lee Tompkins.

I never met her, nor did I know her, but I attended a showing of her beautiful work at the Shelburne
Museum many years ago. I had an artist friend who insisted that I must come and see this woman's
work. So, off she and I went and I remember being in awe of the beautiful simplicity and yet complexity
of her work.

Rosie Lee Tompkins~  original photos by Eli Leon

Rosie Lee Tompkins was not her real name. She had fourteen younger half-siblings and grew
up picking cotton and helping her mother piece quilts in rural southeast Arkansas, where poverty
"encouraged" the family to use every available scrap of fabric. Deeply religious, Tompkins felt
that she was God's instrument. She never completed High School but went on to enroll in adult
education classes and passed a test for admission into the Oakland City College, and took courses
in nursing and worked as a practical nurse in convalescent homes. She married twice and raised
four children.
 As with all people, she faced a difficult time in her life. In the late 1970's she was hospitalized
for a nervous breakdown.
 After her release from the hospital, she longed for peace of mind. Hearing voices, though and
believing  that her phone was tapped, she never arrived at the tranquility she sought. In the later
years , she covered her walls with patchwork appliqued with sacred crosses, hoping this would
fend off the intruding voices, but it failed to do so.

None the less, Rosie found solace in her special blend of prayer and needlework.

Rosie did not measure her pieces, but relied on images she would hold in her mind.

This is a picture of a dress Rosie made from ties. She embroidered  her name "Effie" and
Scripture (John 3:16) on it.

Rosie wore brightly colored clothes. A bright yellow, orange and purple outfit would not be
uncommon and those same bright colors might appear in her quilts.

If you ever get an opportunity to see her work "in person" I highly recommend it.

If you are interested in her work, I recommend searching the net for more information
and images. My pictures of the brochure are not very clear.

I am really fond of   "Outsider Art" and I thought you might enjoy this: