Monday, February 21, 2011

following the wave

I know the pictures are grainy and perfectly unclear, but
thought I would go ahead and share what I have been working
on. The words embroidered on the piece above say:
"hearts desire"

I have been cruising around and with all the fabric weaving going on
decided I would take my inspiration from several blog artist I visit.

I have every intention of taking some of Jude's, (spiritcloth.typepad) classes,

I look forward to learning from Jude : )
but until then, I am "winging" it.

My inspiration fabric to begin weaving was sent by:

A fabulous scrap of fabric from her travels to Africa.
She sent some wonderful bits and scraps
that I have been saving until just the right project comes
along. This is my first "bit" to use.

Thank you Isabelle!

 This woven piece will be part of the boro Madonna/heart piece 
I have previously started. 
Now, off to some more stitching....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

milagro heart

A sketch of a heart I am working on....

Milagro heart
CC License View

As with most pieces, this is a work in progress....
The gold background fabric is a beautiful sparkly fabric called
"fairy frost". It is much prettier in person. Normally, I am
not one to use anything "sparkly" but, I really loved the color
and the name seemed magical and when
I held the fabric in my hands it made me

The inspiration for this heart is the darker background fabric.
It looks like little milagro hearts.

I noticed that most of what I am stitching these days has been darker
in color. I feel it is the Winter's influence over me...
Not a depressing thing or negative in any sense.
I am just drawn to "warmer" colors.

And this is a little something that makes me smile....
I love little black dolls, and I am making this one
just because it makes me happy! 
: )

This is my Spring inspiration!

I have rented this book again from the library for gardening
inspiration. I cannot say enough good things about it.
I love Barbara's sense of humor and the way
she educates the reader with valuable, sustainable
gardening ideas.
This is a book I would like to purchase to keep on hand.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ATC card

I am really happy to have an ATC card I made 
put into a little deck of cards.
The picture is not that great because I had to copy it
from a copy but, you get the idea.

My two words for this year are "breathe"
and "focus".

Also, I was asked to put my favorite quote on the back:

I have a "new-to-me" camera that
I was graciously given and I look
forward to sharing more of what I have
been working on.

I have a little heart quilt piece in the works that I had hoped would
be done by Valentine's Day but, I just have had too much going
on. So, later this week I will share more of what has been in the 
Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hearts divided

I was playing with the boro Madonna image and this is what the little hand held game
device created....

It makes me think of the word "mirror".

It makes me think about my life and what if it is a mirror of what is somehow "written"
within me?

Just thinking....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Work around...

CC License View
water crystal stars

I have finally come up with a temporary solution to my "no camera"
My daughters have a hand held game system that takes
reasonable pictures that can be uploaded to a certain spot.
Then I copy them and transfer over to my desktop and then to my

Ya gotta love technology : )

boro Madonna face

This is a rather large piece approx. 15" x 17" which is going to require a lot more
thinking about and stitching.

This is the center piece of a quilt that I am creating about water:

The inspiration is from Dr. Emoto and other work I have studied over the years.
 I knew of him and his work many
years ago, before it was widely publicized.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

dreaming of Summer

The sun!

I am dreaming of the beach, and warmth. After all I was born in the Summer,
and even though I can not stand intense prolonged heat a nice pleasant 75 degrees
or 80 degrees would be fine with me.

Sweet words written in the sand to me by #2 and #3 daughters

 A red heart always seems "warming"....

The brilliant colors that are in nature and flowers. It never
ceases to amaze me. They almost seem surreal.

Cheerful fabric from 1930's, that seems "sunny" and makes me smile!

This has been a nice little "dream", now time for me to go
shovel snow.....

: )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

many moons I have followed

a gentle moon face I stitched....

CC License View
a real moon, I took a picture of....

moon phases....

pink moon....

  crescent moon......

                                                                    long night moon.......

                                                                   CC License View 
   a purple moon.........

                                                                CC License View
 a picture of the real moon, I took....

"acorn moon and frosty moon"

a red moon, symbolic of great teachers through out time.
Its numerical value is 9 and symbolizes the recurrence of great cycles  
and represents master teachers who
have appeared to enlighten man: Quetzalcoatl, buddha, and Christ.
or it could just be a red moon! (smiles)
: )

                                                   and me so many "moons" ago.....