Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stitching corn and Spring thread

My recent thread and fabric acquisition. The colors are "springy" and I am loving
that orange-y color! We have had Spring-like weather recently and lots of sunshine so I 
am thinking about this:

Remember Grandmother's quilt? Time to pull it out and begin stitching on it again. Spring
will always be my reminder for my Grandmother. She loved gardening and being outdoors.

Lastly, I have been stitching up some corn....
Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

symbols and communication

So....I finished the new Kachina face. (old design, but new stitching)

I have been busy, busy but have had lots
on my mind.
I have been thinking about symbols and communication and how each of us is so unique.
I have been thinking about how symbols mean different things to different people.
We each understand our world around us through words, symbols, sounds, gestures, etc.

We each send out signals whether we know it or not.
Look at my hands...heart shaped : )

I can look at this and it evokes one thought and feeling and perhaps for you another thought and feeling.
Maybe it is a reminder about something or maybe it carries a different meaning for you...

more items that can be symbols....

a glyph....a symbol....

This is a crop circle I have stitched....

And another crop circle I stitched...this one is part of a heart shape.
You see these symbols mean something to me.

I see many things as symbols...
One day as I was driving to work along a tree lined road a large deer ran out in front of me. At first, I could not see her because she blended with the road and the trees. Suddenly, I realized she had stopped in the middle of the road and I was going the speed limit, which was 50 mph, so I quickly slowed down and she leapt across the road out of my way.  I knew if there was one deer there would be more and as soon as I passed her there were three more deer that ran across the road literally right behind my car!
To me that was a symbolic event.
I think there are Signs and symbols everywhere.
I think the signs and symbols are a communication to and from each of us.
Ok, that is where I am today....
Have a great week!

Monday, March 12, 2012


So this is what I have been up to, well besides driving the children all around, laundry and yadah, yadah, ya......

You are probably wondering, "What does this little bear have to do with anything???"
This was a gift to daughter #2 for a birthday many moons ago. The teddy bear is called:
Muffy Vanderbear.

While thrifting on Saturday at one of my favorite spots I found this:

I found two little cherry pies that go with Muffy Vanderbear. They came in the little bakery
boxes, but the boxes were not that beautiful. Anyway, I got both of them for $  .99 cents.
Pretty good deal....
I must confess, my daughter could care less. I am the one who wants to collect
the muffy bear "stuff".

My next and most exciting find was this:

A needlepoint frame! For a mere $  .99 cents! Yes, I love it. Very useful indeed. Also, a little sneek peek
of something I am working on. A little remake of something I have already stitched before. It is going
to be a gift for someone who has been a great inspiration to me. 
Oh, and by the way...we have had all 4 seasons in one day this past week...crazy!
Have a great week!


Monday, March 5, 2012


A rose one of my daughters stitched several years ago : )
sweet <3

Sorry, no photographs of my stitching because I am just continuing basting down pieces to my original quilt and I feel everyone has seen enough of that. I have have had a cold, but I am feeling better today.

This fashion show is soooo creative and enchanting.
 I love the clothes.

This is the most magical fashion show ever!
 Have a great week!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Georgia and Secrets

This was how I spent my day off....

This is an old piece I am stitching to my very first quilt I am still making.
Obviously, it is inspired by Georgia O'keefe and numerology.
Why I put the two together...who knows??? I have no idea! lol!

A very old blurry picture I took of the cook book I had, (which I can not find now).

More pieces I am basting to the middle layer....

Also continuing to read a little...

More snow today!