Saturday, September 29, 2012

Berries and Baby Quilt

I found another needlework picture for the kitchen. It is retro 1970-ish, but it captured my
attention. I just can not believe someone spent so much time on a large picture and it is cast
off. I imagine the woman who made it loved what she was doing because the detail in this picture
is amazing. The strawberries in the basket are 3-D.

I have managed to piece together the whole top to the baby quilt. The only pieces that are not stitched
down are 3 small squares on the bottom of the quilt. Will have to do that next weekend....

I was hoping to see the Harvest Moon tonight,
but we have cloudy skies and unless there is a break in the cloudiness we will not have a view.
Hopefully all of you will get some nice pictures : )

I am off to work and a busy week ahead...I will be traveling next week and attending conferences and then whirlwind back  home to finish out the work week. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

This is Ridiculous!

Ok, forgive the fact that not all the fabrics are ironed on this little project. It is a baby quilt for a co -worker aka the boss who unexpectedly got word that her baby she has waited 8 years for had finally arrived, which left me in charge! She adopted a sweet baby boy. As a mother myself I understand her utter joy and I am absolutely thrilled for her, but that means a lot more for me to navigate through at work. Personally I have felt that my creative time has been so severely cut as of late and I am really sad about it, not to mention a bit overwhelmed by the fact that I have so many bloomin' projects! One thing about being a creative type is that the ideas are endless and the mind moves quicker then the hands!
So, I look around me and see:

More quilts to be stitched....

This is part of a project for myself and the future...too much to explain now....

embroidery waiting....

.... the Grandmother quilt, 

books to read....
CC License View

crochet to finish...

So, you get the the mean time, I have children to run from here and there and a house to keep up and Oh did I mention (continue to) paint too! Winter is setting in and I have a deck that needs painting as well!

There are so many more projects I am not even showing!!!
You get where this is going?

                                         CC License View
My daughter Sarah is playing soccer this year (the picture above is from last year) Somehow, I magically forget my camera when it is game time...ugh!
Needless to say between practices and game time I am running along with other moms to pick-up and drop-off kids.

I have contemplated getting rid of my blog, facebook, etc. because it can seem overwhelming at times,
but this little corner is so dear to me because of all the special connections.  So, I am busy now and I may not post everyday, but I am here. 

My big word for this year is FOCUS and I need to remember to breathe!
So I will take a deep breath and keep going....
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

feathers  added to the amulet bag....

and sticks gathered.
(notice the little acorn I found.......Fall   :)

Still reading this!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wool and Sage

The weather has been cooling down here and Fall is settling in nicely.  I always think about stitching on  wool when the weather turns cold and yes, the tea is once again brewing for a nice warming drink. I do enjoy sage tea and it so happens the only plant I have this year  is a sage plant/bush.

CC License View

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Speaking of cool weather and cool weather projects I found this fun 1977 crochet and knitting book.
There are so many fun retro projects...I must learn how to crochet and knit this winter : )

CC License View

CC License View

I received a lovely amulet necklace from

she has such lovely things at her Etsy site...

Thank you!
Hope your day is a happy one!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the goddess and the fox

a beautiful carving that was a gift...



She was calling out to me in the early hours of this morning....

Fox eyes!
I finally finished the opposite side of the face and it seems a symbol belongs on the forehead, but I am uncertain what that is right now.
Yesterday while traveling home I saw a wild turkey. 
Fall is rapidly descending upon us : )
Have a great day!

p.s. I have been trying to leave comments at my Typepad blogging friends and for some reason I can not...does anyone know about this?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Found some yummy thick yarn to make a cowl neck warmer for winter...

antique needlepoint apple picture found...

antique needlepoint watermelon picture found...
both of these needlepoint will join my "supper" picture in the kitchen once I finish painting...

because this is where I have been spending all my "free" time...
painting walls.
Have a great day!