Sunday, April 29, 2012

She has a nice sound

This is what I have been working fox face.
I was not happy with the whiskers and over all look so I am adding some new embroidery to it.

......she has a nice sound!

For all you knitters out there...I am loving this blog:
great tutorial on "heartfelt" rings.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lately that is how I seems to be spinning so fast and trying to keep up seems like too much! Anyway, in between it all
I added  just a few beads to the rattle as I felt keeping it simple was better.

A new picture of me.....
: )

(This heart is part of a large picture of Jesus)

I found some lovely pictures while thrifting and I believe that the same person must have owned them.
It felt like it was an elderly person who might have passed away.

such a soft beautiful face....

I am always thrilled and amazed when I find hand stitched pictures. I know how long it takes to
stitch a picture like this and to me they are a treasure!

I also found this lovely statue, which I believed belonged to the same person. I do not mind
all the chips. It has character and when I hold it I feel the persons love and devotion.

It was made in Italy.

Fox face is mostly done...just a lot more work to do on the cloth. I must give credit to my youngest
daughter as I had her draw the face and I stitched it.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

becoming more

I added the corn....
and tobacco

I know..... (it is not a pretty picture of tobacco!)
You may be asking why I would include this???
It is just a simple offering of thanks.

She is becoming more....
I added a strip of cloth I hand dyed a while back. I stitched the backside of the cloth so it would stay in place. I then added  3 crow feathers by wrapping  the top of each of them with different colors of thread.
I stitched a tranquil looking clay "face" bead on the front to represent the male side. I have more work to do on it...I am going to add more beads to it and maybe paint symbols on it???? I have not completely decided yet.
Also, initially I  was concerned because the leather was heavier and that it would not "rattle" properly, but once I added the corn it seemed to balance things out and it has a somewhat "quiet" rattle.....
that is ok.
Each rattle is unique and she is a quiet one.

Friday, April 13, 2012

herbs and stones

3 crows feathers that began my journey will be attached to her. (the rattle) 
The leather is not as stiff as I wish it to be although I wet it and put sand in it and let it dry completely.
Any ideas???

A mixture of herbs, stones, and flowers will be the rattle part. I would like to add a bit of corn and tobacco.


One curious little black cat!

Monday, April 9, 2012


It is funny how life works...I did not plan on sharing this story, but the way the events happened left me
with such amazement that I thought you might appreciate hearing about it.....

Over a week ago I was at my favorite thrift store and came across this beautiful matted fox picture.
It is rather large and it is an actual photo someone took. The picture was so striking and I immediately thought of my daughter who loves wolves. So, for a small price I took my prize home and gave it to daughter number 3.

daughter # 3 and wolf friend (edited in)....

Fast forward to this past Friday 6, 2012....
My son and I are driving early in the morning and out of the woods dashes the most beautiful Red Fox I have ever seen. It ran right in front of us and leapt safely into the woods on the other side.

It was rather majestic and large and strong for a fox. It looked like the picture of the fox  above except it had a black and white band toward the tip of its tail.

On Saturday 7, 2012 I go to my favorite New Age type shop and I walk around slowly
looking at each thing and I get to the back of the store and find a parchment with a Fox Prayer
written on it.
It calls upon creator to allow the essence of what fox represents to become
a part of who is praying.
"Gift me your keen senses
That I might see more of what is around me and use it to accomplish my goals.
To bring discernment into my life.".....

I quickly bought the parchment and brought it home.

Also early Saturday morning I was looking through some of my favorite art and saw a FOX!
(it is at the bottom of the picture.)

I decided I would honor fox by creating a quilt piece:

The fabrics surrounding fox are African, but remind me of Native American symbols.
The flute player to the left reminds me of the Kokopelli.

Among the Hopi, Kokopelli carries unborn children on his back and distributes them to women; for this reason, young girls often fear him. He often takes part in rituals relating to marriage, and Kokopelli himself is sometimes depicted with aconsort, a woman called Kokopelmana by the Hopi.[1] It is said that Kokopelli can be seen on the full and waning moon, much like the "rabbit on the moon".

The fellow on the right reminds me of the Anasazi Tribe.
A very ancient Native American Culture.

I have been listening to this earlier in the day before I began the Fox piece:
R. Carlos Nakai - Canyon People (Canyon Trilogy Track 7): via 

I continue to work on the corn.....

The leather for the rattle hung in the full moon.
I wet the leather and filled it with sand.
It is in the house now because it is suppose to rain and it needs to dry and stiffen.

I brought a cup of tea to my desk and at one point stopped stitching and looked at my cup and realized there were words on the tea back paper!
Another fun surprise/message to me...
Love it!
Have a great week!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

rattle song

                                                                  CC License View
Today I was on a mission to find an oak branch that had fallen on the ground. It had to be the perfect size
to hold in my hand for my new project. Please note no branch was harmed in the making of this project. I found the perfect one rather quickly. Step one: sanding the oak branch.

                                                                   CC License View

Step 2: I was gifted this piece of leather quite some time ago . I could not remember where I put it???
I literally had to go through all of my fabric boxes and  search everywhere to find it. At least I remembered I had it. Does that sound familiar?

                                                                 CC License View

Step 3:  I drew a pattern for the leather. I gently taped the pattern to the leather and cut out my shapes.
I wanted to make sure I did not waste any part of the leather.

                                                                      CC License View

Step 4: I am stitching up my new piece. (the butterfly is photo shopped in, due to my sparkle
nail polish not looking so great lol!)
I am creating a rattle. A rattle to put my sadness and pain in to. Then when it is played it is transmuted
into something beautiful.

My inspiration was from Lynn Andrews, one of my favorite authors:


A nice "how to" video

                                      Have a great week!