Monday, July 30, 2012


beautiful flower...

bag full of goodness...

Japanese Kimono fabrics...

Postcards from France...

antique paperdoll...


All from the beautiful Mary Stanley, one fabulous artist!

Well to say I am delighted, grateful, excited and trying to contain myself is an understatement!
What a lovely surprise. I was like a child opening my lovely gifts from Mary.
The kimono fabrics are gorgeous and the postcards from France are so special.
The bag full of goodness has the cutest hand painted pin to wear...adorable!
I am going to have to find a unique way to use the antique paper much fun : )
Sometimes I think of letting go of my little blog because I am busy and then I realize how much I would miss all of you...
My heart is so happy...
Merci' beaucoup Mary!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I found a star!

A stained glass star!
I was out at one of my favorite thrifty stores and found this shiny star : )

And this cutie (cookie jar)...made in Japan! Adorable!
It's a little "chippy" but that adds character : )

Friday, July 20, 2012

blackbird, mushroom and wool

Found while thrifting...this blackbird or crow pie vent....cute!

A retro mushroom napkin holder...reminded me of something my mother would have bought. I spotted it on my first trip to my favorite thrifty store but passed it by, then on my second trip, another day I saw that it was still there. I knew it was meant to be... lol!

While visiting my local quilt shop I finally found the wool I had been wanting since last year marked down! 
I purchased two bundles. I have in my mind to make some pins to wear, inspired by the fabulous Mary Stanley.

She's wrinkled...

This girl has been traveling with me wherever I go, so she is a bit wrinkled.
I coffee dyed the fabric. I like to keep some little project handy and ready to throw in my purse
for those few free moments.
I am thinking the beach/lake this weekend???
We will see...
Have a great weekend!

p.s. If anyone is wondering about the is a stitched piece I did of William Blake's, ANCIENT OF DAYS picture.

also found this beautiful song: 


Thursday, July 19, 2012


 I am busy working, but thought I would share this video. 
Have a great day...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's all good!

I  am sometimes offers opportunities to grow beyond what  is expected.
Challenges to say the least, but I see it as all good. It has given me the opportunity to
emerse myself in positive words and thoughts. When you stop and think about it how
much of the "self talk" that goes on in our minds is negative? By my observation it can be a lot
if we do not keep a watch over our thoughts. Think about how our very thoughts that we are thinking on a regular consistent basis are sent out and create the very things we are thinking about...good or bad. Science can now prove that our thoughts create our reality. So, I decided to create a book of positive words, thoughts and goals/dreams to read over each day. 
 I kept hearing in my spirit, "The Magikal Book of Certain Events".
You may wonder why I chose that title...well, for one there is magic all around us. A sunrise in the morning is a magical event, a butterfly showing up at the ocean, (which happened to me, by the way.) etc.  Just the little things in life can be special and magical.  Again, what we focus on we create, therefore it becomes a "certain event".

Through all this I have to say that, "It's all good!"

On a crafty note: I simply bought a $2 notebook with a vinyl cover and cut out all the words and pictures from magazines for my Magikal book. I found pictures that meant something to me and would represent all the elements of earth that are so important to me. Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Also, I have been spending any free time I have at Pinterest. A fun spot to create a gathering of pictures.

(picture from

I celebrated my birthday by going to Hampton Beach with my family. I saw some amazing Sand Sculptures and although this one appears small it is not! They were huge! I  really wish I would have spent more time studying all of them. So much thought went in to each one.

My youngest daughter had not been to the ocean since she was younger. It was amazing to see her delight at the smallest things. (She is 13 going on 14). 
She was amazed at the streaks in the sand left by the water and the vastness of the was  such sweet moments with my children.

 I have been working on this quilt, that I originally called THE WATER QUILT, still not sure what I will ultimately call it.

Stitching the words, "from the stars"

A birthday gift to myself...a book I have been wanting for the longest! It is by Aminah Robinson.
An artist  I admire and am so inspired by. I was delighted when I opened the package containing the book. The book has a "puffy" book cover and it is rather large. I did not expect that....

another surprise...foldouts in the book. This particular one shows how long her work is. She makes dolls to attach to her work.

Check out her will tell you all about her art and how she does it. Also there are fabulous videos...