Sunday, August 26, 2012

honoring the circle

I started to call this post "good intentions", but as I sat back and thought about the fact that
I would like to say I am honoring the circle of women/men that may have begun these projects
with the grandest of intentions. For what ever reason they stopped and boy do I understand why
that can happen. I have been on what some people call a "vacation".  Really it has been all about
my children and preparing them for school. Also, getting daughter #2 to pre-season tryouts and practice
for soccer. Raising children does take a tribe of people. lol! Anyway, I had wonderful imaginings that
somehow I would find time to just fritter away at the beach and all I got was one day with a few minutes to stare across the road at the lake and smell the fresh air and watch the boats poddle by.
On other days, I would whisk by the lake and watch the boats lazily bounce on the waves as I flew is all good : )

I recently found this lovely hexagon quilt piece in my favorite type fabrics 1930's ish.........

another quilted piece found and washed...

stars and red stripes in retro looking fabrics, sort of nice find for the end of this Summer...
I will take these quilt pieces and incorporate them into a larger
quilt I am already working on that way the spirit of intention will
be made manifest.

I did manage to begin reading this book:

so far, I am loving it!

also while on vacation....

We celebrated daughter #2's birthday and I did manage to bake her a batch of  cupcakes using her favorite frosting:

Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

12 ozs instant chocolate pudding mix (vanilla)
34 cup half and half (cream can use full fat milk)
13 cup confectioners' sugar (taste)

8 ozs whipped topping (cool whip frozen whipped topping completely thawed)
for the cake part we just used a vanilla cake. 

I spent today painting : )

Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Yesterday I had big intentions of working on this picture, but I got busy reorganizing/cleaning.

 One of my favorite children's books is: IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN, because it so clearly describes life! This book was not really for was meant for adults, like me!  lol!

So onward with my story...This morning when I got up I started going through my fabrics and decided that I wanted to use only my SPECIAL fabrics for this project. My rule is that I can only use fabrics that have been given to me... SO,
I am using the new fabulous antique kimono fabrics from Mary Stanley
Also I am using the gorgeous African fabrics from Isabelle,
Lastly, I am going to look through my stash from

Thank you  <3

CC License View

I decided I wanted to do something like Aminah Robinson for this cross stitch picture....
a picture I took of the book called: Symphonic Poem
The Art Of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson

I think I am really going to love the finished picture! Also, did I mention how soothing it is to sit and cut fabric scraps and create a puzzle effect? I Love doing it and I can see why Aminah does what she does in her work. Fun! 
Lastly, I managed to snap a full moon rising picture.... I was surprised  my camera actually picked up some of the stars too!
If you look closely you can see a few faint stars around 
the moon  coming up between some trees...

Goodnight moon : )

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I decided to sit down at my desk after I was able to clear away everything!  I would love to say I am perfectly organized and everything has a place, but the reality is I am always on the go and sometimes things have to wait. If you are one of those people who has got it all together, let me say up front...I admire you (smiles).

My goal was to work with what was on my desk and this new little stash of fabric is perfect.
I love the happy colors, they make me smile
: )

This is my little piece I stitched up. I am thinking I will put it on the Grandmother quilt because it is those retro 1940's fabrics.


Also, I thought I would share the ever rotating desk menagerie'.....

New nail polish for my toes...I know it is kind of wild, but I wanted turquoise! lol! I took my daughters
shopping for school clothes and all I wanted was nail polish. (It's the little things!)

Sweet card for my Birthday from my youngest one <3

A birthday gift from a dear friend... Gaian Tarot cards. 
Let me just say they are beautiful and what I love most is that the  author adds a positive affirmation for each card.
Thank you xoxo

Note: there is a button on the lower right of this blog that links to the Gaian Tarot.

What can I say...I love Sublime Stitching. She started her business in my home town,

Lastly, this is not at my desk. It is a cross stitch that is a Yard long.
It has to be at least 20 years old. This is a picture of it after I hand washed it. First I treated the stains with vinegar, then washed it in a mild soap. Does anyone out there have an idea how I can get rid of the pink? The backing that was used was an old campaign poster that had red on it and I think that is where the pink came from.

One idea I had was to do white cross stitch over the pink, but that will not completely resolve the issue.
Also, I do not want to put too much time into this. Someone spent countless hours stitching this and I
think it is a real treasure at $4. Again, any ideas????