Sunday, January 30, 2011

sharing hearts

Yes, I am still here....

My car stopped working due to the extreme weather and now it has to be reparied and
I am recovering from being ill.  However, I can not
complain because we all face challenges, right?

I know I must continue to have gratitude and with that comes a grateful heart...

I thought it would be fun to go through my pictures and find some hearts I had done, while I am waiting on my  camera.

Some words that seemed to stand out to me today...

"The mule that carries a bag of gold on its back does not know the value of
that load. Likewise, man is so absorbed in toting the burden of life,
hoping for some happiness at the end of the trail, that he does not realize
he carries within him the supreme and everlasting bliss of the soul.
Because he looks for happiness in "things," he doesn't know he already
possesses a wealth of happiness within himself."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

feminine and free

This was a piece I did a while back. The shape of the woman is modeled after the Venus
of Willendorf: I created this piece to represent "the goddess", that feminie energy or the feminine side of what I call "god/dess".

As I observe everything around me and my own life too, I see so much change taking
place on every level for all people. Whether it is subtle or obvious. We are all experiencing
what I think is a rapid amount of change with everything speeding up at an astounding pace.

I see it as a creative/feminine force and although painful at times; I still see it as "good".
My personal work is leading me into a very "creative/feminine" way:

This is a rather large acrylic painting I did as a gift to someone.
Again, it was a Madonna, but for me it 
the divine

a basket full of goddess tokens
I created from a pattern I made...

I thought it would be fun to share my free pattern with you.

the pilgrimmage and ancient cloth copyright 2011

They are so easy to make:
1. Just enlarge pattern to desired size and cut out fabric.
2. embroider whatever you wish on the front and back pieces.
3. If you decide to add a separate piece of fabric for the headpiece, attach at this time.
4. Put both pieces of fabric right sides together and stitch around the edge,
leaving a space open to turn and stuff.
5. stuff and stitch closed.
6. wah! la! your done : )
If anyone decides to make one please share your photo with me
would love to see it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

scrappy and worn

I thought it would be fun to go back in time and pull out some old photos of work I have
done since I am in "wait-mode" for a new camera. 
      Over time I have "fallen in love" with the scrappy, worn, torn, mended look .
When I am thrifting now I look at worn objects in a new way.

 a bit of a cloth ceremony outside a couple of years ago...somewhat scrappy?
                                                                          : )

CC License View

I think over time these fabrics will "become" more  beautiful with a worn
patina, like the Velveteen Rabbit:

a favorite children's book.

daughter #3's "Velveteen Rabbit" (Bun Bun)
repaired so many times, I can not even begin to tell you...
gone through so many little clothes that literally were
rags (I should have saved all of them!)

part of the journey of the h-e-a-r-t ...


Friday, January 21, 2011

ya never know...

Work in progress
CC License View

I am working on some new things but, unfortunately I have a little camera issue....
actually a big camera issue.

You see my daughter #2 was in a dinner theater play last night and
requested to borrow my camera after the play was
over.  (She is very responsible and I did not
think twice about letting her use it.)
Unfortunately, she ask a young man to take a
picture of her and another friend and he decided
it would be funny to throw my camera to another
little boy, who missed catching the camera.
Needless to camera is broken.

As soon as I have another camera I will share some of the new
things I am working on.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a boro heart

(this is a wip)

I was thinking that when a heart is touched with pain, sadness or loss
it has to be mended.

What could mend a sad heart?

Time of course, but what else?

Good memories and hope.

What could represent this in cloth?
a boro heart, of course.
Boro is a Japanese term meaning "tattered rags".
At one time fabric scraps were considered precious and
repairing clothes and bedding an absolute
Just as each bit of cloth was considered precious, so
are memories of the heart.

When I began to look closer at Boro fabrics:

I was blog hopping and came across a video by jude @spiritcloth.
The video can be found at Jude's blog under the video section:
It is The Magic Cloth Day 37
There is something so intriguing to me about the pieces of 
cloth that are stitched together so seemingly random and the stories
each one must "hold".
I am certain that is why from the moment I came across
Jude at Spirit cloth's blog, a couple of years ago, in my spirit I heard a big
resounding "Yes! this is it". 
I knew a door had been opened and a journey begun for myself.
A way to connect with myself
and a way to express in cloth, what I find so difficult to do in words.
Stitching has given me a comfort and a way to focus
and a way to meditate about things.
I am curious and long to understand this world but, mostly 
trying to understand my life and journey here.

My shy son told me yesterday, "Just remember Mom things
get worse before they get better...and they do get better."

They do get better <3
there is hope!
lastly, when I began stitching this piece it was for an entirely
different reason but, I was shown what I am sharing with you.
This journey always amazes me
: )

Sunday, January 16, 2011

more thinking...

                                                            CC License View

and embroidery....

CC License View

and imagining.....

Friday, January 14, 2011

something found

pine cone motif plate made in Japan

CC License View

While I was out thrifting I came across these beautiful plates and bowls.
The delicate pine cone motif caught my attention and the fact that the
dishes are white. The edges have gold and the set was made in Japan.
Some pieces are well used....


CC License View

This little bowl is well used, to say the least.
Just thought I would share my fun find...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

snow day...

                                                                         CC License View

                                                                         CC License View

                                                                  CC License View

not a lot of words....just a lot of snow and thinking.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Welcome to my new blog.....

I have had this in my spirit for a long while. I feel blogger offers so many
more possibilities and unique ways to share so, I hope you will enjoy my
new little "corner" of the  "blog-o-sphere"

For this new year I am trying to become more focused. I have a tendency to 
become a bit "scattered", which at times can be a gift and other times
an incredible distraction.

A new beginning.....

                                                             a pine cone

This would be the view of a pine cone looking down at the top of it.
I have always been fascinated with the shape of the pine cone.
Just holding one in my hand has always felt like some magical
gift from nature.

Apparently, many others through history have been drawn to the pine cone as well
for it has been a symbol throughout history.
It has been likened to the pineal gland in the human body.
The pineal gland sits at the center of the brain and has been called the "third
And for good reason, the pineal gland contains water which has rods and cones
in it, just like our eyes. 
If one was laying down looking upward, the pineal gland lines up with the
point between the eyebrows. In some cultures red paint or makeup is used
to mark this spot or a jewel/bindi is placed in that spot.

Also, the pine cone is a perfect example of the fibonacci spiral:

also you can find:

a large pine cone at the Vatican
surrounded by peacocks, representing

Also, a staff of the pope has a pinecone

you can also find a  on the
 Osiris staff

This little cloth will be meaningful to me because I began it Christmas night,
I heard the song Amazing Grace in my spirit, which was my Dad's mothers
favorite song....I knew in that moment my Dad was leaving this Earth...
I think it was an announcement of sorts from the angels....

I hope to have some more stitching done soon....
stay tuned : )