Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's a happy day!

Snow day!

I opened the door and snapped a picture of the snow falling gently.
It is a rare day when I get to stay home because of snow. Usually life goes on and I must go to work...snow or not, but not today!
Woo hoo!

I made a yummy breakfast had lots of coffee and now I am settling in to "PLAY"!

staying warm with the wood stove....

and listening to this:

"playing" with these:

This is all pieced together
I Just need to complete all the extra stitching to quilt it.

I finished punch needle on this little pumpkin fellow.
I just need to cut him out stitch up some legs and arms and stuff him.

I have done a couple of punch needle  projects long ago and it is something that is really new to me, but I am loving how compact all the supplies are. Not boxes and boxes of fabric to contend with.
Don't get me wrong I love all the fabric and stuff, but I have very limited space to work in so I am enjoying simplifying for a little while.
Anyway, I am rambling...(that is what you get when I have "free" time lol! :)

I have struggled with the punch needle until I watched a simple 6 minute video that gave me that "ah-ha!" moment and I finally got it.

Being the typical crafter...I just happen to have a spare project :) waiting in the wings and being so excited to finally understand the how, I started this little project:

I think I will have a cuppa tea now...
Have a happy cozy day! 

loving this:

loving this too!:

While visiting my daughter in Austin I had the opportunity to venture into a small quaint shop and came across Magnolia Pearl garments and let me say..."Swoon"! They are simply divine! They are so well made and the fabric is simply gorgeous.

p.s. I can not wait to share something that is on it's way to me from a far away place...

hint: it has to do with traveling.
more to follow....


  1. Sounds the perfect day - I had one of those myself today! Stitching cute little burlap sacks with a calico heart applique....reminded me of the little heart pins I made from LA fabric with a cotton ball soaked in No, 1 snow here. We are totally jealous!

  2. I loved every minute. I had so much fun just playing. Happy you got a day like that too! We need them! lol! Love your sweet burlap things. Omgoodness! Yes, I remember those LA pins. I was just looking for LA things from "our day" last night! Remember the Alice Tea Set? And our gorgeous frocks? I heard they came out with #1 fragrance LA, but the reviews were that it had been changed...
    :( and is not the same as the original. Anyway...back to snow. I do love the seasons and I try to appreciate the beauty of the snow when I can. xoxo

  3. loving the little ark !
    fab caravan too : )

    1. Hi liniecat,
      I still need to do some final stitching on that ark piece. I have been so focused on my punch needle. Also, I have a companion piece in mind for that ark piece :)
      So many ideas and so little free time lol!
      The caravan is to remind me of my caravan days. I lived in one for a brief time. I felt like a gypsy :)