Tuesday, May 3, 2011


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A precious piece of fabric from Africa....

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This piece started off as purely a broken heart piece.....

I just happened to pick this card up and read the meaning. I chose to
add the meaning into the quilt piece.
(Note: the cards were a gift from a dear friend)
I love synchronicity!

The meanings of the card:
enjoying affluence
having material abundance being free from money problems enjoying business success feeling financially secure
seeking permanence
looking for a solution that will last creating a lasting foundation feeling secure as things are being concerned with the long-term having an orderly family life moving beyond makeshift arrangements nailing down the plan
convention staying within established guidelines
proceeding according to the rules
taking part in traditions

Also, I happen to be listening to this song at the time:

daughter #3 shared this song with me...love the voices.

I am always curious what inspires others to create and thought
I would share what was inspiring me in the moment....


  1. Your inspirations are always inspiring!
    Sending heartfelt thoughts your way...
    love your new pieces!

  2. a beautifully thoughtful and thought provoking post - lovely, lovely work as ever


  3. Hi Mary, Glad to hear from you. :)
    Just looking forward to having more time to
    devote to stitching and creating.
    Thank you <3

  4. Hi Jill, thank you. Your work is also very
    thought provoking too :)
    I love all you micro stitching...beautiful!

  5. Marie, I really liked reading about the process of this piece -- how everything fit together to make it. Love that. Also like the African cloth (is that mud cloth?) combined with the red and the black heart!
    To abundance, comfort & stability!

  6. Hi Peggy,
    I kind of go through the same process with each piece. What ever is happening to me in the moment or whatever "appears" while I am creating is what I go with. Sometimes a scrap will literally fall from the shelf and I go with it! :)
    I am uncertain as the whether or not the African is mud cloth?
    Cheers! <3

  7. Bonjour Marie :) I did not have much time to visit or sew these past weeks. I am delighted to see the touching artwork you are creating; inspiration has ways of its own and I also like to follow them. The African fabric is no mud cloth or bogolan but a piece of cotton (batik)that was part of a blouse.
    All the best, dear Marie.

  8. Hi Dear Isabelle...Thank you for clarifying what the fabric is. It is a treasure to me <3
    Thank you.
    I love the way inspiration quietly appears.
    I have had almost no time for being creative and stitching :(
    Too busy with work and life, so I understand...
    Glad to hear from you.

  9. Marie,

    Can I just say that to see your work close up has to be one of the most uplifting experiences! Not only did I receive two very thoughtful post cards from you this week, I also received a third, that has left me flattered and intriuged! Your handiwork is beautiful and stitching is perfection. I just love your fabric postcard, it is so clever! It has a treasured spot on my desk and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    Many many thanks and Happy Mother's Day (love the music track my the way)

    Jeanne xxx

  10. It's such a lovely thing that what is broken can be mended...

  11. :)
    So true and that is just what I needed to hear
    today. <3

  12. Hi Jeanne,
    I am so happy you received the postcards :)
    It was a joy to stitch the postcard for you.
    Hope your Mother's day was a joyful one too.
    The children and I spent time together and went for ice cream. Fun!
    My children are always sharing their music with me.
    Thank you.