Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the butterfly effect

the "butterfly effect"
I am stitching this gifted butterfly quilt piece to a new piece of soft green fabric in celebration of Spring/Summer.
I cut it out from it's original piece of fabric because I wanted it to go with a Spring quilt I am working on.
I started it last year. More to come....

The Butterfly Effect - From Quantum Physics "...our thoughts (like Butterfly wings) create movement, and this movement, this energy, ripples through existence and affects all of existence.
Everything we do and think affects not only our selves, but everyone and everything around us and beyond.

I was at the local health food store and they had local farmers
sharing their plants for a small fee. I bought this cayenne pepper plant
useful for so many healing things, but good for salads too!
I also bought lovage, a celery like herb. It was explained to me
that it would grow longer than celery??? We will see.
lastly, I bought some basil, and paprika along with some seeds.
Hopefully I will have better luck this year.



  1. Marie, blogger wouldn't let me comment here yesterday. What's going on, I wonder? Anyway, I loved getting to see another side to your creative being, the paintings and dolls! Your butterfly is beautiful, I love the symbolism of the butterfly.

  2. I am not sure what is up with blogger? It has been temperamental :/
    Those are previously shared photos of work I have done. I really do enjoy doing a variety of things, but it has been a real challenge lately to balance it all. The butterfly was gifted to me and I cut it out and I am restitching it to a new fabric. I plan on possibly adding words a lots of stitching...
    I love all the symbolism of the butterfly too :)
    thank you <3

  3. Marie, thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit! LOVE your butterfly. And your new plants sound wonderful. I take Cayenne for a number of things! Your quote about how everything we do affects not only us but everyone and everything around us deeply touched me today. So true. I love quotes so much... then make you stop and take a moment to absorb them.

    ;-) Debi

  4. Hi Debi, So happy for your new precious one!
    I enjoy quotes too because it seems when I am
    dashing along life one appears and is exactly what I need to hear.
    Thank you. <3

  5. The concept of the "butterfly effect" is such a wonderful one to me... I'm glad you are growing things. Lovage will become a monster plant in your garden if it is happy. And it will be tough and come back.

  6. Hi Deb G,
    The farmer I bought the Lovage from said, it would be like a large bush next year and it would last longer then celery. Tomorrow I will visit the little garden....
    I am really into Quantum Physics and the thought of butterfly wings or thoughts touching all of existence really means something to me. :)

  7. Very Springful butterfly that I look forward to seeing on your Spring quilt ! Lovage-liveche in French- is a plant that I use in vegetable soups.It will stay happily in your garden and grow, grow... Good luck with your gardening :)

  8. I grabbed a piece of butterfly print yesterday to add to something. We must be on the same wave length. I like your quote about Quantum Physics, I wonder how this relates to the secrets that people keep and protect.
    Nice to celebrate spring by digging in the dirt.