Sunday, June 12, 2011

finishing touches

I have spent time alone outdoors. Quiet time... just thinking.

Inspired by this:
Look at : "hearts in the garden" title.

I spent time today finishing these pieces:

Before you cringe and wonder what this devilish creature is let me explain:
As we all watched the situation in Japan unfold I felt so much sadness for the people of Japan.
I kept thinking about the Tsunami and the water because I had been working on my water quilt pieces.
I was thinking how the radiation was like a devil or demon making everything so much worse.....

The devilish creature originally had the radiation warning symbol on it's forehead  I did not like it so
 I ripped out the symbol. note: Anyone who embroiders knows that ripping out stitches is not an easy task especially on a small piece. This piece is not more than 5" or so.
(This was a fun piece to embroider because there are so many colors of thread in it.
I also used some different metallic threads which really give the piece a fun twist. I hope to get a better picture of it at some point so you can see all the different colors/shades of thread. It would be impossible
to duplicate this one because I just kept grabbing thread from my scrap pile.)

I was thinking about how water gives life and takes life. Inspired by these thoughts, I created this piece:
(the devilish piece was suppose to go on this, but I decided to leave it off.)
Also, I made the red stitches around the border look a little rugged on purpose. I kept thinking almost "childlike" is how I wanted it to look...
I wanted this to look like an ocean bottom, but not a typical blue water kind of scene.

I know my pictures lately are not the best...sigh!
I just can not invest in a new camera right now and the child who broke mine could not give me a brand new one.
At least you get the idea of what I am working on.
: ) 
Lastly, I hung most all of my quilt pieces inspired by this:

I have covered most of my bedroom walls! And Jude if you read this...I only have a few tacks!
: )
thank you for the inspiration Jude. Once I hung everything I looked around and realized these pieces are a part of me. Every stitch and every moment echo through my mind.
I look at some things and think, "what was I thinking?" I also look at others a realize how much I really appreciate the spirit of what was created.

Monday June 13, 2011~ upon further reflection of all the quilt pieces I have hung, I see that I am "all over the map" with my little cloth creations. However, in my defense, I do see a common thread amongst all those little scraps: soul-searching, spirit and matters of the heart.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. I think of my quilted pieces as time keepers. Each stitch a second or a minute. The fact that we stick with a design until it is finished shows we had a vested interest in that memory at that point and time in our journey.
    I love what you are doing. Makes me want to create my own wall.

  2. Marie, just wonderful. I always love reading about how you come to begin a piece, what it means and how it changes and evolves. I feel like I get to know you better through your cloth. Will "bitterness" stand alone then as a piece for your water quilt? That's one of the things I like about these, you don't sugar-coat: she gives and she takes. And the fabric/stitching style of that piece definitely works, makes the viewer think. Your wall must be magnificent! And thanks for the mention. xo

  3. Hi Cosmic Arcata, I love "time keepers". When looking at each piece after it was hung I realized it was a "snapshot" of a moment and gathering of thoughts. You should create a wall! What I like best is that my work is no longer sitting in a pile on a table/shelf and "out of sight, out of mind" lol!

  4. Hi Woman with wings, I decided against using "bitterness" in the water quilt. I am not sure what I am going to do with it??? Good question :) For now it is hanging in my "Art Gallery" lol! While thinking of the water and the "give and take"aspect of it,
    I was also thinking of the sun, how it melts the wax and grows the hay.
    I love reading about what you are up to too and thank you so much for the kind words! <3