Wednesday, June 1, 2011

piecing Spring...

Playing with the layout of these pieces for the Spring quilt I began last year....

I will add the butterfly piece, (from the previous post),
once I decide what else I want to add to it......
possibly words or just more stitching.

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Something fun!!!!
Love this David Marsh furniture........

can be found here:


  1. Marie, this is so great -- getting ready to piece is HUGE! I love the sunflower yellow, the blue moon part, the round shapes, there's so much detail here. Congratulations!

  2. Oh Peggy don't congratulate me yet..... this is such a s-l-o-w process for me due to time constraints.
    The good news is I am taking off a week of work and hope to get some serious stitching done.
    Thanks for cheering me on :)

  3. I look forward to seeing how you put this together. Will you sew the blocks together, put sashing inbetween the blocks or attach it to a larger piece of fabric and work in other fabrics around it? What do you normally do?
    I love your incredibly sixth sense which is COLOR. You have a talent for putting color together that is personal and feels relaxed and refreshing!!!!
    I remember you working on these blocks, it is nice to see them again. You might even revisit them again and see what meanings they have for you now that may have grown since you first planted the seed of stitches/design.

  4. Waiting to see the finished project and it looks lovely already!

  5. Hi Cosmic Arcata, Some of the blocks will have fabric between them and others I will simply stitch on top or to the other pieces. My job requires I know how to place color and my creative side helps.
    Sometimes I hit a road block and that is when I turn to my handy dandy color!
    I notice that when i create something and return to it that it does not necessary hold the same meaning anymore. It is like a snapshot of a moment in my life. Interesting....!

  6. Hi Gina, Thank is going s-l-o-w.
    At least I will get further a long :)

  7. :) A celebration of the sun...
    so happy to finally have sunny days.

  8. Such a lovely way to celebrate Spring... slowly but surely :)just going along with all this wonderful Season inspires.