Saturday, May 5, 2012

a little bunny

bunny <3

The little bunny is just a little "what not" that can be hung on a wall or put on a shelf. I stitched "kind spirit" on the front.
Easy peasy to make and such a joy.


charm bracelet!

I made these two little crafty pieces for someone I love...
I literally went through my desk drawer searching for whatever charm type things I could find.
I found a miniature picture frame and a matchbox with a Mexican dancer on it. (I knew we would be going to a Mexican restaurant) I cut out the female dancer and put it in the frame.
I found a couple of little bells and a button with a rhinestone.
I added a couple of buttons and a clay face. 
The little bunny and charm bracelet were inspired by the lovely
Julie Arkell. She does not have a website but you can find her work at

Julie Arkell

Have a great weekend....


  1. What a sweet bracelet! And I love the bunny. You are so talented, Marie. (:

  2. Love the bunny and charm bracelet!
    Great Julie photo..get to meet her this summer in France! So excited...not sure what we will be making, but doesn't matter!

  3. Hi Gina,

    It was so much fun to quickly make up those little creations....
    I have been on vacation (staycation) and so I have had a little free time to make a few things.
    I have always loved any type of little bunny.
    THanks! : )

  4. Hi Deanna,

    You know what I love most about the bracelet?
    How anything goes! Finding whatever random charms seemed to work perfectly.
    Easy and fun to make too!
    Thank you. : )

  5. Hi Mary,

    I can not take credit for the Julie Photo found it on the web and not sure who took it???? But, it is a lovely photo of her. Oh Mary you are sooooo
    lucky. How much fun is that going to be??? Going to France and meeting Julie! Wow!!!!! So exciting. I know it will be worth every minute! From everything I have read she is such a gentle and kind spirit : )
    Oh I would not care what I was making either...just being there : )
    I can not wait to see your post!!!! Soooooo exciting : )
    Thank you.

  6. Marie, this is exactly what I love about your stitched creations -- they have soul and spunk and color and then you actually finish things, too. And they are unique, nobody else's desk drawer would've had the makings for the bracelet. I love both of these! xoxo

  7. Hi Peggy,

    You always make me smile : )
    Ha Ha! I finish some things lol! My "little" sister came to visit me and they were made for her.
    She is the kindest person I know. She just loved the bracelet and wore it the whole time she was here.
    She said she had the perfect spot for the little bunny. It will go on the wall in her young grandsons room at her house.
    Sometimes I don't even know what is in my desk drawers lol! Too much stuff thrown in there when I am in a hurry.
    Thank you! xoxo

  8. Patchwork bunny and bracelet are absolutely charming ! I love the fabrics - some I recognize ;) - and the charms are very cute. You have got treasures in your desk drawers. I think I should do some Spring cleaning in mine... Who knows what I will find ??

  9. Hi Isabelle,

    Ha ha! You do recognize some of those fabrics : )
    I just love the cheerfulness of them.
    Oh clean out those drawers...if you are like me you
    will be amazed what you put in there lol!