Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"You is kind"....

This past week I was on vacation and my sister came to see me. She is one of the kindest people
I know...not because she is my sister. If you met her, you would say the same. In her everyday life she is an emergency room nurse. She is the kind of nurse who holds a hand and shares a caring word to let others know she is there and it will be ok.....
She is the grandmother my children have never known. She adores them as they do her. When they spoke she intently listened to every word. She has a sense of humor that kept us laughing the whole time. There were lots of tears and laughter. I did not get  that many pictures at all because I was more focused on being with her.

We enjoyed the view from the hotel she stayed in....

there is a part of a lake running behind the hotel.

The children enjoyed the indoor pool

by Kathryn Sockett

I watched the movie THE HELP before my sister arrived and I was so touched by it that I decided
to rent the book. I am enjoying the book as much as the movie.  The film is an ensemble piece about a young white woman, Eugenia "skeeter" Phelan and her relationship with two black maids during Civil Rights Era (the early 1960's). Skeeter is a journalist who decides to write a controversial book from the point of view of the maids, exposing the racism they are faced with as they work for white families.
(Information at Wikipedia).

I created this piece in honor of my sister (because she is so kind) and the most touching part of the movie (The Help)....
Aibileen was the Maid/Caregiver of the children and pretty much the "mother-figure" of the children and she would tell them.

"You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important."

She gave the children what their mothers did, nurturing, kindness, caring and self esteem.

Lastly, a gift to myself while I was on my little staycation....the fabulous Mollie Makes magazine.
It came with the crochet hook and thread to make a flower brooch.
So much fun to read and you always get a little crafty something extra with every issue.
Well, it is back to a regular work routine for me....
Have a great week!


  1. Sounds like her visit was a shot in the arm for you - of the best kind of medicine. (:

  2. Absolutely : )
    My children still lament that they wish their Aunt was still here.
    We tried to do special things. She took me to lunch one day and then walked to
    a quaint little hotel that had a place in the lobby to play checker and put
    together puzzles. We saw the checkers and immediately sat down and began to play.
    We giggled and laughed and it was moments I will treasure always.

  3. Sounds like a spectacular visit! How nice. The Help is one of my most favorite books ever...ever! I loved it so much more than the movie. It told a much richer, deeper, detailed story. One day I hope to own a copy so I can have close at hand. What a beautiful stitching you did to honor your sis and this story.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    The book is really much more detailed. I am enjoying it so much. Yes, it is definitely a book worth keeping on
    the book shelf. I would also like to own a copy someday. : )
    I love my sweet sister. Just the best time ever <3
    Thank you.

  5. I am so happy that you got to spend special time with your sister and it sounds like she is the kind of person all gravitate towards. The Help is a fantastic movie. I think everyone should watch it, especially those who did not grow up during that era. I think I may go grab a copy of the book this weekend. Thanks for the review and wishing you a joy-filled weekend.

  6. loved hearing about your sister and your wonderful visit! I made my aunt my boys honorary grandmother since my mother is long gone. Now I need to go get the "Help" and read it...and see the movie. love always...m

  7. Marie, I loved reading about your sister and her visit and what you've been up to. Your design and stitching are just the best -- don't we all need to hear that!
    Mollie Makes is a great magazine, I love the little craft they include. They're hard to find here so when I see it, I grab it. Once I bought the same issue twice! That hurt $$$ -- I gave one to one of my daughters and she was thrilled. I should probably just subscribe so that doesn't happen again but it seems like a chunk of $$$ out front, you know? xoxo

  8. Hi Jeannie,

    It is so funny you mention that people gravitate to my sister because everywhere we went people would just
    start talking to her : )
    I agree about the movie. Very touching. I grew up in the 60's and saw things that I never agreed with.
    I would have been like Skeeter : )
    So far the book is sooo good. Definitely worth a read.
    I am wishing you a wonderful, joyful and happy weekend too! : )

  9. Hi Mary,

    I think you will really enjoy reading the book and watching the movie. Our children need that grandmother
    figure in their lives to give them a sense of a greater circle of family. Also, they might just listen to that person better then us! lol! Congratulations on your son graduating. Hope your weekend is filled with much joy and hopefully you can sneek away to some of those fabulous shops.
    xo <3

  10. Hi Peggy,

    Can you imagine if we had someone in our lives when we were small always telling us those good things?
    I was looking at my stitching and it looks so simplistic but it took me many hours to stitch the thing! I just wanted to remember the words and what better way then to put it on a quilt : )
    Mollie makes is $$$, but I got mine at our local JoAnn Fabric (not my favorite store) but anyway it was 10% off. Not a lot, but something.
    hmmmm....maybe a subscription would be good for you and me ; )
    I love my sister...she was a good mirror for me. While she was here I began to look inwardly and I saw some things about myself. Still learning....
    Thank you <3 xo

  11. What a loving, heartfelt tribute to your sister, and a heartwarming post. Thanks for sharing. "The Help" is a favorite of mine, too, and I sent a copy to my sister a couple weeks ago.

  12. Hi Ali,

    Sisters are the best and I bet yours will really enjoy the book you sent her.
    Thank you : )