Saturday, June 8, 2013

The baby has arrived!!!

After a long wait the little guy has arrived! He has already begun to heal two broken hearts. Several years ago, I had to give my two Miniature Yorkies away because it was too much and I was moving and they could not come.
One had become attached to my daughter and the other was mine. We both were broken hearted, but now we have this sweet little tiny guy who just makes you smile with his sweetness...we are thankful!
He really is so cute in person...this is not a great picture...but you get the idea. After a night of holding him and letting him know just how much he is loved he has finally settled in and is willing to eat and sleep on his own.
 Hope all is well and I look forward to being able to stitch again...till then xo <3


  1. Such a cute little face! So glad you are enjoying this new family member.

  2. he is a sweetie! he is much tinier than he appears in the picture :)
    thank you. <3

  3. What a darling pup -- happy you're happy -- you deserve it. xx

  4. Hi Peggy,

    He always makes me smile :)
    Thank you! I sooooo miss stitching and blogging.
    Have a beautiful day xoxo

  5. So cute, Marie LaVie! What is his name? Hope you get back to blogging soon - miss you,

  6. Hi Gina,

    he is a sweetie...and his name is Oliver Bentley :)
    He already has a bunch of nick-names lol!
    Thank you...I miss blogging and being crafty.-I look forward to
    stitching more...sigh!