Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wide Awake!

After a long absence...well I never really was far away, just working like crazy. I still am. I have missed visiting my little "blip" in the world and keeping up with what everyone is doing. My thoughts about 2013....

1. If you let work consume your will!

2. If you let others set the agenda...they will!

3. If you do not "carve" out time for yourself it will never happen!

4. I have lost myself to everything else...time to find me! :)

5. I was so busy with work that seeing my crafty stuff just piled in stacks was depressing, so I packed up 99% of it and put it in a storage.

6. Living in the north forces you to deal with the snow/ice. Some days I don't mind and some days I do. (Well, I can do without the ice! It is actually scary :/)

7. I can do without clutter in my life. Less is more!

8. One of my teenage daughters began driving and working and my mom radar is constantly up!
Sometimes I am anxiously waiting by the door!

9. I traveled to Philadelphia for a business trip and could not believe there was a Nuclear plant right smack dab in the heart of a town and how people were very non nonchalant about it! It was surreal to me.

10. Time that we carve out and we give to ourselves is precious and necessary.

11. I have been consciously trying to "see"the beauty where I am. Some times I am going so fast that I wake up and realize, Öh my God, I have been driving by this for years...and it is so beautiful!

So over the months....

Little Oliver has grown and stolen our hearts...
he is hard to catch in a picture because he is always moving!
He is full of little tricks, he is like a little circus dog :)

I flew to Texas to see my daughter and had such a great time!

My trip to Philadelphia and the Nuclear plant just past the parking lot!

 I try to take time and sit by the wood stove while I am home...but not for too long.

During the holidays we chose a beautiful balsam fir and added colored lights and we all agreed it did not need another thing! I love easy!!! :)

me one quiet evening...

time with one of my sons...

while visiting my daughter in Texas, we stumbled across a cute little hidden shop that carried Japanese fabric...score! I was so excited. I bought a few snippets to bring home and create a little traveling kit.

Lastly, a little punch needle pumpkin man i have been working on.

Glad to be back, if only for a few moments!


  1. Hi Marie! So happy you posted, I think about you, still have you on my blog list. :) Love seeing your photos, that kit can also be a little sewing altar for you. Happy 2014. xoxo

    1. Hi Peggy,
      I think of you too! :)
      Thank you for commenting. "Sewing altar"I like that! :)
      I thought I would share a few pictures from over the months. I hope to add a little something every week. I have so missed my blog/blogging friends. Thank you. Happy 2014 to you! <3

  2. Glad your'e back! Texas daughter looks all grown up - how does that happen so fast?

    1. Hi Gina,
      Thank you so much! I have peeked in on you from time to time and I am always inspired by how organized you are and just love seeing the family and reading all about all your fabulous meals.
      I know the children have grown so fast! Where have the years gone? Taj will be graduating from College this May. Happy 2014 :) <3