Sunday, March 23, 2014

Punch Needle Rug Hooking

Remember this Rug hooking piece I found at a thrift store??? Well, I took it to my favorite
punch needle and rug hooking store and found out that it is old, but she was not sure how old.
Burlap used to be used for rug hooking but it has been found that over time it disintegrates.
Normally it is recommended that you transfer the pattern from an old cloth onto the new monks cloth or linen, but since the person who started this round chair cushion had already done a fair amount of rug hooking I decided to carry on with what they began. Also, they were using wool strips, which can be expensive.  I am not a rug hooker, but punch needle is something I really am enjoying. I purchased this old find because I had heard that punch needle could be done on rugs.

The birth of the punch needle for rug hooking can be found here:

It was really very recent 1995!!! Not so long ago.

Since the piece was begun as a rug hooking project I would need to reverse the pattern to the opposite side for punch needle.

I had to out line the piece with a sharpie ...

I was given this "sheer dot" interfacing type stuff to put over the pattern and trace it.

I lay this sheer dot interfacing over the lined drawing I had just done and again
I traced the pattern.

Lastly, I flipped the canvas over and lay the sheer dot interfacing on the canvas and carefully pinned and began drawing on the sheer dot interfacing the pattern from the canvas. Now this is the magic...
The sheer interfacing allows the sharpie pin to go through onto the canvas and wah la! You have the pattern drawn on the canvas. I did go over it again just so I will be able to see the lines clearly.

As I said who ever chose to begin this project was using wool strips, which are very lovely, but I do not wish to cut stripes of expensive wool. So a better option for me was to purchase a bit of wool yarn. I am also going to use a bit of acrylic wool combo (dont' cringe...I know...I would prefer to be a purist) but, mind you I only paid $1 for the canvas! I will let you know how it goes...
Happy Week!


  1. This is going to be gorgeous! How clever. The colors are so brilliant. Cant's wait to see more progress on this.


  2. Hi Dulcy,
    This seems to be an easy way for me to get a little creative time in :)
    Thank you xo