Thursday, March 13, 2014

Robin and snow

I just began a new punch needle and I am thinking "Spring" :)
but Mother Nature is still thinking "Winter."
I have seen several robins so far and I often wondered how they survive the below zero cold and then it occurred to me that they survive because no one told them they could not!

I am loving this right now:

found here:

and this!

I would love to make one of these...
I found this lovely blog with a how to....

Have a happy week!


  1. Love your robin -- we had a whole round of them here the other day -- some overwinter in CO now which I don't think they used to do. But still a sign of spring on the way. Oh those footstools/poufs are wonderful, I hope you make one! xo

    1. Hearing the birds sing and seeing the bunchy little round orange belly of the robin always makes me smile. I really want to crochet one of those poufs, but first I will have to get a pouf lol! I will post it if I make one. xo :)

  2. I love the look of those stools......very inspiring..x

  3. Those stools are fun! You might like this blog too! Have a happy day xo :)

  4. i am really loving your punch needle projects! i miss doing punch needle work and should probably pull my needles out and get back to it. but meanwhile, i get to enjoy your beautiful work!

  5. What a lovely robin ! This punch needle work is really neat and it makes things look so "real". Have not done much quilting lately but in hope of better days - weather wise - I have started digging into my colorful scrap boxes to sew a picnic blanket. Will it make Spring stay with us ??
    Take care dear Marie.