Sunday, July 10, 2011

Luna's a ninja

I get up at 2 a.m. because I hear one of my children still stirring around...
William: "Mom, Luna is a Ninja"
Me: "What? What do you mean?" (half awake)
William: "Somehow she got into the house and I do not know how."
Me: "Where is she?"
William: "I don't know."
Me: walking around the house looking for the "ninja cat"....I do not find her.
I go back to bed.

Fast forward to this morning.... I walk in the kitchen and the cat is in the house???
She meows at me. The only way I can think the cat got in was from one of our  screens
 because on the East
Coast a lot of homes do not have air conditioning, as most of the year it is not necessary.
I go to the screen by the porch and sure enough she decided to plow through it last night!
She is one determined kitty!
First, she does not want to stay inside and after many weeks of being outside she has decided
it was not so bad being inside!

My shy 14 (soon to be 15 years old) son William

I know it is hard to see but, I spent many hours outside yesterday stitching on this piece.
I re-worked the fabric strips because I wanted "pops" of color.
Daughter #3 said I chose "weird colors", but I am pleased  with the color choices
and ultimately I am thinking of the bigger picture.

I have a new appreciation for all the woven fabrics Jude at 
spiritcloth has done!

I plan on being outdoors again today just enjoying the sunshine and peacefulness of the day.
There will be stitching, reading, writing in my journal, meditation and lastly some fresh greens
from the garden in my salad today!

I wish you a peaceful, sunny day <3


  1. Cute kitty story. Kitties are sure smart! I can see your little stitches. It's going to be a lovely quilt - Hugx Nat

  2. I really, really like your pops of color with the black & white calendar strips -- it looks great! And love the sweet kitty's name, Luna. A very nice photo of your son, William, here, too -- how much did you have to pay him? Ha.

  3. Hi Nat,
    She is a funny, determined, sweet kitty lol!
    I have stitched quite a bit on the quilt. Will share soon :)

  4. Hi Woman with wings,
    I liked the original butterfly fabric but I felt it was a little too "cute" also it was just too blue. I liked the metaphor of using the butterfly as a symbol for transformation, but wanted more color to balance it out.
    My youngest daughter named the cat the minute she saw her! :)
    Ha! I found the picture of my son on his facebook...he he he :p

  5. Oh Marie, your day sounds heavenly. I love your creation and I can see where you are going with the 'pops' of colour. :) Gorgeous shy boy! Interesting age for boys, don't you think?

    You sound like me walking around in the middle of the night looking for a ninja cat. In my case it is the annoying dog playing cat and mouse thru the window with a fox! I wonder who is wiser , the dog or the fox. My money is on the fox!

    Enjoy your day!


  6. Hi Jeanne,
    I was laughing about the dog and the fox and my vote is on the fox! We used to live in the California desert and I would see and hear coyotes and I always marveled at how smart they are.

    My son William is a tall shy boy with so many ideas. It is an interesting age...That age where he has found girls and they have found him! Oh my...
    Thank you :)

  7. I like very much these woven fabrics, a technique I never tried yet. Must look for a tutorial. What a beautiful smile - half smile ;) - you son gives you !

  8. Hi Isabelle,
    So happy to see you! Jude at Spiritcloth blog has a class that I took and it was sooo helpful. I learned so many "little" things that made a difference.
    I highly recommend it. That is his shy smile : )

  9. The way you have used woven this fabric the butterflies really seem to move around the piece. Very nice.

  10. I liked that butterfly fabric, but my first try at weaving yielded a "too cute" and too blue version and I do not want to do "cute". I like the metaphor of the butterfly and you and I could have long conversations on the symbology of it lol!
    Thanks : )