Friday, July 1, 2011

My golden best friend

"My golden best friend" is a new piece I have begun and finished...

I have been busy with working and the children are now out
of school for the Summer. Between the two I have so little free time.
I am continuing the stitching of hearts as long as it interest me. 
There are books to read and so many ideas to explore.
I hope to spend more time at the beach.
Other neighborhood cats have found the garden and dug 
up many of the seeds that were planted.
The mixed green lettuce has survived along with the cayenne and paprika.

check her out at etsy : )
Have a great weekend!


  1. I like your continuing hearts -- the stitched grid over the purple one is a great technique that I might copy sometime, love that!!

    The video was enchanting -- wish it would've been longer and wish I was that neat and orderly and productive. But then I would be her and not me!

  2. Hi woman with wings,
    Thank you <3
    Yes, please do use the grid over the heart idea.
    I was thinking about a purple heart, a "true" and committed heart when I stitched that.
    The woman in the video, Yokoo has some fabulous items for sale on ETSY.
    Ha! I smiled about your admiration of her neat and orderly productive style and about you being you :)
    I agree.

  3. Darn cats in the garden! :) When I know I have to cat proof, I usually try to find some stakes and cut them into 6 to 8 inch pieces (the whips off of fruit trees work well for this) and then poke them into the seed beds randomly about 3 to 4 inches apart. It will keep most cats from digging around in a seed bed until the plants get big enough to discourage the cats themselves.

  4. I agree...Darn Cats! Thank you for that idea. I will use that one the next time I plant seeds. I was not happy because I made a special trip just to buy the organic seeds for the garden and as you know they are not necessarily the cheapest thing to buy.:)