Wednesday, July 6, 2011

weaving hearts...

a bit of muslin woven for the background.....

a tartan plaid woven for a heart....
This picture is "truer" in color....
Have a great day!


  1. Oh, it's wonderful! I love the way the plaid wove up, I've never done that.

    Happiest of birthdays today to you, dear Marie (and to your twin brother)! I hope the day is filled with all the people and things you love the most!


  2. Hi Woman with Wings,
    I was searching my stash of fabric for a "red" and came across this fun
    tartan. I wove the fabric first, stitched it down to another piece of fabric then cut out the heart shape and stitched it to the main woven piece.

    Thank you for remembering my birthday : )
    You made my day and made me smile <3
    I called my twin brother and he was going to school (still going to college at 51) and I was going to work.
    Thanks again <3