Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's all good!

I  am back...life sometimes offers opportunities to grow beyond what  is expected.
Challenges to say the least, but I see it as all good. It has given me the opportunity to
emerse myself in positive words and thoughts. When you stop and think about it how
much of the "self talk" that goes on in our minds is negative? By my observation it can be a lot
if we do not keep a watch over our thoughts. Think about how our very thoughts that we are thinking on a regular consistent basis are sent out and create the very things we are thinking about...good or bad. Science can now prove that our thoughts create our reality. So, I decided to create a book of positive words, thoughts and goals/dreams to read over each day. 
 I kept hearing in my spirit, "The Magikal Book of Certain Events".
You may wonder why I chose that title...well, for one there is magic all around us. A sunrise in the morning is a magical event, a butterfly showing up at the ocean, (which happened to me, by the way.) etc.  Just the little things in life can be special and magical.  Again, what we focus on we create, therefore it becomes a "certain event".

Through all this I have to say that, "It's all good!"

On a crafty note: I simply bought a $2 notebook with a vinyl cover and cut out all the words and pictures from magazines for my Magikal book. I found pictures that meant something to me and would represent all the elements of earth that are so important to me. Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Also, I have been spending any free time I have at Pinterest. A fun spot to create a gathering of pictures.

(picture from hamptonbeach.org)

I celebrated my birthday by going to Hampton Beach with my family. I saw some amazing Sand Sculptures and although this one appears small it is not! They were huge! I  really wish I would have spent more time studying all of them. So much thought went in to each one.


My youngest daughter had not been to the ocean since she was younger. It was amazing to see her delight at the smallest things. (She is 13 going on 14). 
She was amazed at the streaks in the sand left by the water and the vastness of the ocean....it was  such sweet moments with my children.

 I have been working on this quilt, that I originally called THE WATER QUILT, still not sure what I will ultimately call it.

Stitching the words, "from the stars"

A birthday gift to myself...a book I have been wanting for the longest! It is by Aminah Robinson.
An artist  I admire and am so inspired by. I was delighted when I opened the package containing the book. The book has a "puffy" book cover and it is rather large. I did not expect that....

another surprise...foldouts in the book. This particular one shows how long her work is. She makes dolls to attach to her work.

Check out her website...it will tell you all about her art and how she does it. Also there are fabulous videos...




  1. I'm so glad you're back, Marie! How appropriate for a water sign to spend her birthday oceanside ;-) -- and your water quilt, whatever name it ends up with, is so lovely. The moon and stars are connected to water, too, so *from the stars* is nice. The book looks fabulous, that cover, wow. I'm going to visit that link now. Happy Birthday to you. xo

  2. Oh, and the magikal book is pure magic!

  3. wonderful additions to your life. & yes, it's good to take care with the self-talk.
    and the Aminah book, I have it, too! I saw an amazing exhibit of her work about seven years ago. I stood amidst her creations and cried, being so moved by them.

  4. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you <3
    (you always bring a smile to my face!)
    The water quilt is about the feminine nature of this sphere of existence,
    but mostly it is about vibration and sound and water.
    Lots of stars on this quilt...and moons are going to be stitched in there.
    I just found some fabric for the quilt that looks like many moons.
    And thank you for my birthday wishes xoxo <3

  5. Hi Handstories,

    Oh my...you are so lucky to have been able to see Aminah's art in person!
    I imagine it was moving, to say the least...
    She puts her heart and soul into her work and is so disciplined about
    creating. Do you know why she shaved her head? Was it part of an initiation of some sort???
    I am curious what did you learn about her that you thought was fascinating?
    Thank you. <3

    1. i don't know why. a friend of a friend went to a workshop of hers & felt she was the most spiritual person she had ever met. what i appreciated was her ability to look at the truth of her & her people's stories, and still find beauty to express. & i loved learning about her dad encouraging & teaching her art.

  6. Welcome back! That book looks so fascinating...

    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you so much! <3
      The book is fabulous...hope you had a chance to visit the links
      I posted for Aminah. She and her art are so inspiring.

  7. Marie,
    This blog post was like having a birthday party with you!!! I am soo full of joy from all the inspiring thoughts about making a book to help support positive thinking and also the icing on the cake your birthday present to you!!!Aminah Robinson.
    How cool!!

    I am soooo jealous of your visit to the beach to see the sand sculptures. That one just blows me away. I hope that if you took more pictures of this that you will share more of them with us.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Becky,

      I am smiling...
      Thank you....
      I have to say Aminah is one of my favorite living artist right now.
      Those sand sculptures are far more amazing in the pictures.
      I posted the links. I did not get to see all the detail until I looked at the pictures because there was a fence around the sculptures and you could not get close to them. I did not have my camera and my daughter used her phone so, I was unable to really get any great pictures.
      Awwww thank you...xoxo

    2. What a wonderful post, dear Marie, thank you for being such a great source of inspiration. The Symphonic Poem is absolutely magnificent and so is Aminah Robinson's art too. I had never heard of her. I love your blue quilt and the special materials you are using for it. How pretty and precious those little stars ! I have been quilting too, for my sister's birthday. Not much time for posting but soon... And last but not least, Happy belated Birthday, dear Marie xoxo

    3. Hi Dear Isabelle,

      Thank you. Isn't Aminah fabulous? She is so inspiring to me.
      I took the quilt to my favorite quilting store to match it up with fabric and I quickly realized I have narrowed my color choices for this quilt lol! I love stars and I recently found a stained glass star I will share a picture of soon. One of my daughters baked me my favorite cake for my birthday and the youngest daughter made me a beautiful card and stuffed bunny...so sweet. It made my birthday special. Thank you <3

  8. Marie; thank you for sharing Robinson's work- I've ordered the book, I'm sure it will delight many here at my place. And I love the variation in the colours of the stars in the halo on the woman in the water quilt. It has an amazing impact on the black background. Beautiful how you have done that Marie.

    1. Hi Gracie,

      I know you will enjoy the book about Aminah as much as I have. She is so inspirational.
      I did the variation on the stars because I like to use variegated threads to keep my interest :) lol!
      Also I felt because the colors of the fabric are so dark I need "light" around her head.
      Thank you for you kind words. xo <3
      p.s. I love your name... beautiful!