Monday, July 30, 2012


beautiful flower...

bag full of goodness...

Japanese Kimono fabrics...

Postcards from France...

antique paperdoll...


All from the beautiful Mary Stanley, one fabulous artist!

Well to say I am delighted, grateful, excited and trying to contain myself is an understatement!
What a lovely surprise. I was like a child opening my lovely gifts from Mary.
The kimono fabrics are gorgeous and the postcards from France are so special.
The bag full of goodness has the cutest hand painted pin to wear...adorable!
I am going to have to find a unique way to use the antique paper much fun : )
Sometimes I think of letting go of my little blog because I am busy and then I realize how much I would miss all of you...
My heart is so happy...
Merci' beaucoup Mary!


  1. you are so welcome, Marie!
    always enjoy your blog posts and your sweet comments!
    I thought of you on our trip so many times!

  2. I am sending big hugs...thank you again xoxo

  3. what wonderful gifts! very fun to see. are those julie arkel dolls on the postcard?

  4. Yes, those are Julie Arkell dolls : )
    Mary went to France to take a workshop with her!
    That would be crafty heaven for!

    1. i went over to her site- oh, wow! i would love to meet & work w/julie arkell. i've long admired her work. wish she had a blog...

  5. Hi Handstories,

    Sorry I did not respond sooner...I did not even realize you commented. I would LOVE to meet Julie too! She seems like such a fun, cheerful spirit and I wish she had a blog too! Maybe it is better...she is building a mystery. lol!
    I have tried to find her one and only book, but none seem to be available :(