Friday, July 20, 2012

blackbird, mushroom and wool

Found while thrifting...this blackbird or crow pie vent....cute!

A retro mushroom napkin holder...reminded me of something my mother would have bought. I spotted it on my first trip to my favorite thrifty store but passed it by, then on my second trip, another day I saw that it was still there. I knew it was meant to be... lol!

While visiting my local quilt shop I finally found the wool I had been wanting since last year marked down! 
I purchased two bundles. I have in my mind to make some pins to wear, inspired by the fabulous Mary Stanley.

She's wrinkled...

This girl has been traveling with me wherever I go, so she is a bit wrinkled.
I coffee dyed the fabric. I like to keep some little project handy and ready to throw in my purse
for those few free moments.
I am thinking the beach/lake this weekend???
We will see...
Have a great weekend!

p.s. If anyone is wondering about the is a stitched piece I did of William Blake's, ANCIENT OF DAYS picture.

also found this beautiful song: 



  1. fun siblings & i all chipped in to buy a holder like that for my mom in the 70's.

  2. I would say I got a deal, .99cents : )
    I bet your mom loved her gift.
    sweet <3

  3. She may be wrinkled...but she sure is cute! I have my mom's old 1970's napkin holder too! It is seeds and weeds pressed into...well something clear!

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Awww thanks. I love making, collecting little black dolls or embroideries of the "mammy figure".
    I am just using my little napkin holder as a what not on the kitchen windowsill.

  5. Hi Marie! Can't wait to see what you create with the wool!
    Love all your latest stitching, the mammy is just too cute.
    And always love anything with mushrooms! are so sweet for mentioning me on your blog...I'd better get busy and make some new fabric flower pins!

  6. Hi Mary,

    So happy to see you back : )
    I am thinking something with hearts for the wool...not sure yet.
    Thanks so much xoxo