Sunday, August 26, 2012

honoring the circle

I started to call this post "good intentions", but as I sat back and thought about the fact that
I would like to say I am honoring the circle of women/men that may have begun these projects
with the grandest of intentions. For what ever reason they stopped and boy do I understand why
that can happen. I have been on what some people call a "vacation".  Really it has been all about
my children and preparing them for school. Also, getting daughter #2 to pre-season tryouts and practice
for soccer. Raising children does take a tribe of people. lol! Anyway, I had wonderful imaginings that
somehow I would find time to just fritter away at the beach and all I got was one day with a few minutes to stare across the road at the lake and smell the fresh air and watch the boats poddle by.
On other days, I would whisk by the lake and watch the boats lazily bounce on the waves as I flew is all good : )

I recently found this lovely hexagon quilt piece in my favorite type fabrics 1930's ish.........

another quilted piece found and washed...

stars and red stripes in retro looking fabrics, sort of nice find for the end of this Summer...
I will take these quilt pieces and incorporate them into a larger
quilt I am already working on that way the spirit of intention will
be made manifest.

I did manage to begin reading this book:

so far, I am loving it!

also while on vacation....

We celebrated daughter #2's birthday and I did manage to bake her a batch of  cupcakes using her favorite frosting:

Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

12 ozs instant chocolate pudding mix (vanilla)
34 cup half and half (cream can use full fat milk)
13 cup confectioners' sugar (taste)

8 ozs whipped topping (cool whip frozen whipped topping completely thawed)
for the cake part we just used a vanilla cake. 

I spent today painting : )


  1. i love the idea of honoring the intentions of those that manifested such treasures in all their glorious incompletion! perhaps because i already know without a doubt that i will be leaving many such intentions behind when i move beyond this mortal coil and would hope that some such talented, sensitive soul as you will find them and honor them as well! such an amazing point of view. thank you!

  2. Joe said this beautifully, I'll agree. Marie I have some books titles you may like too! Off to check out your suggestion...

  3. OK here are two recently read:

    I got both from the library...enjoy!

  4. Hi Joe,

    I look at all I have begun from a creative perspective and I guess as creative souls part of our "issue" is that we continue to dream up new ideas and start new projects in rapid succession! As I have found in my thrifting ways many unfinished projects/quilt pieces are left on the highway of creativity. Together we all honor these souls
    when we incorporate the old pieces. Thank you : )

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Joe has such a beautiful way of expressing ideas/thoughts.
    I looked up the books you found at the library....
    Lovely...I would like to read them especially the one about the tree!
    I will get through my book I have now and then look for these.
    Thank you. : )

  6. Those quilt blocks are so sweet and vintage-y. Love them! And I will have to try that frosting recipe. It sounds really creamy good. Happy Birthday to your girlie - they do grow up too fast!

    1. Sarah likes that frosting because it is not super sweet and actually taste much "lighter" then regular frosting.
      (although let's face whip is not exactly low cal lol! : )
      But it does taste good...Oh, how they grow up too fast! She is 15! William is 16!
      Thank you xo : )
      I actually found those quilt pieces in a bag for $1 along with some 1930's replica fabrics...score!
      love it!

  7. I love these vintage treasures you've adopted, Marie. They couldn't have found a better home than with you and I like your thoughts on continuing with their good intentions in mind. Hey, some days my whole life is still one big old good intention, even with no kids living at home now. Hmmm, those don't look like brushes to paint walls with...hmmm...what are you up to? Something wonderful, I bet. xoxo

    1. Hi Peggy,

      Ha ha! Same thing with me...My days are one big good intention lol!
      The picture of the paint brushes is an old one I took many years ago of my paint brushes while I was painting Madonna paintings. I wish I could say I have been doing some canvas paintings but really I was just painting walls with white paint to spruce up the place before winter sets in. I want/need to change the energy in this place and my girls are getting new beds and we want to brighten up the room.
      I am painting an antique dresser fuchsia for the girls! I know it is pretty wild lol!
      xo <3