Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mitered Corners

I don't know about you but making those corners on quilts can be tricky. I think I came up with my own version of "how to" after I looked at several different ways to "miter" the corners. 

I found this useful for making that pesky corner on the baby quilt....


I have to say it was the easiest way I found.

Just a little sampling of the binding I have done on the baby quilt.
I have another side and half to stitch closed and then it is on to quilting the center of the quilt. I must finish the quilt today as I am going to be busy the rest of the week. Yikes!

I put together this little altar after being inspired by Peggy at


I shed some tears as I was putting it together and I realized I had resisted pulling the photographs
out because I have some healing to do. I lost my dad and grandmother last year right around Christmas and it all happened within a two week period. I was unable to go back home to see my dad and grandmother  and I worked (day job) through it all. 

I chose to put a picture of my mother (on the left) when she was younger. Reminds me of my youngest daughter so much. My dad is above her holding my daughter Sarah. Lastly, my grandmother is on the right holding Sarah and I am holding William, I was expecting my youngest at the time. My grandmother so loved children and this picture makes me happy because I know she was happy to be with her great grandchildren.

Ok...I am off to stitching...Have a Happy Day!



  1. great way to make a mitered corner. i think i do it differently every time depending on whether i'm machine or hand stitching. i think Peggy has started something with the alter idea. i have family pictures around all the time. it brings back some good memories.

  2. Hi Deanna,

    I have to laugh because I saw several different ways to make a mitered corner by articles and video. I guess we are ok to do it however we please lol!
    Peggy always has such wonderful ideas and brings such a warmth to her blog :)
    Have a great day :)

  3. Marie, I loved seeing and reading about the altar photos of your parents and grandmother -- part of your her-story.

    I like your skeleton collection -- are the small ones s & p shakers?

    I'm the same way with mitered corners, I have to play around until I figure out something that works, too. Hope you got the quilt finished today, what a wonderful baby gift it will be. And thanks for the kind words in your post and comments. xoxo

    1. I like the word "her-story" :)

      The small skeletons are candle holders as are the larger ones.
      Before I celebrated Dia De los Muertos Skeletons seemed "scary"
      to me until I understood the symbology and the meaning of it all.

      I finished the quilt...yippee! Of course I could have added a lot more stitching, but I am pleased and I think it is sweet.Thank you xoxo

  4. I miter the corners as I was taught by a quilting friend years ago. Sometimes they come out nice and flat and sometimes...not so much! I will check out the video link you posted. Your corner looks terrific!
    And I do love your alter. I often pull out 'favorite' photos as I rediscover them I stick 'em in mirrors or glass bookshelf doors...or leave them lay in little piles to pick up again and again. Later, they go back into the box until another time :)
    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Hi Nancy,

      It did take me a bit to get the corners finished...thank you :)
      Hope you find the video useful.

      I like your idea of placing photos around in different spots...sweet reminders. Thank you

  5. That baby quilt looks adorable! Lucky baby. Love the nail polish, too, and the altar is sweet...

  6. Hi Gina,

    I used my favorite 1930's reproduction fabrics for the baby quilt because they are so cheerful...
    Thank you. Oh that nail polish is my favorite right now. Of course it is turquoise :).
    After a few tears now I look at the pictures and have nice memories.

  7. such nice memories of your loved ones.
    & thanks for the corner links- i seem to have to relearn how to do them every single quilt i make. sometimes i give up. your fabrics are so cheery.

  8. What a soft and cozy baby quilt! I am sure it will be loved and treasured.
    Hope you are safe and sound with all the East coast storms...think of you every day! Much love and thank you for always leaving nice comments on my blog! mary

  9. Your group of family treasures is so lovely....and beautiful quilt! Also, corners on hooked pieces are also an "issue" with me anyway. The linen I hook on can be difficult to get to lay nice and smooth. Always dread the corners!


  10. Hi Handstories :)
    Sorry for the long delay in answering I have been busy preparing for the holidays at work...long hours...
    I agree with you about relearning each time I do a quilt corner because I have rarely completed many of my quilt projects :)
    What's a girl to do??? lol!

    1. oh, i know! today i found the quilts that i started w/each of the boys 3+ yrs ago. hope things ease up soon for you!

  11. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your sweet words. We are well and safe after the storm.
    I keep the heart you made for me at my desk or I wear it of course :)
    xo <3

  12. Hi Dulcy,

    It was bittersweet this year to create my little altar, but so glad
    I did :)
    Those quilt corners are sooo tricky, glad I finished the quilt and the mom was thrilled with it. Thank you <3

  13. I love the idea!What a cute print for a sheet you chose!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    When I have a little more time I may try to make me some!
    I only have the boring white cloth napkins at the moment.