Sunday, October 7, 2012

Smoke house

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I made it through my intense week and I decided it would be nice to take a country drive with my daughter Sarah. We 
 took a lot of scenic roads to get to a smoke house.
Unless you know about this place you would never find it.
They are not trying to hide it lol! it is just in the middle of "no-where". They do not have some big advertising budget so you must either hear about them or see the small signs along the way...

This is one of the roads right before you arrive....

There are lots of ponds along the way. The colors were just breathtaking. This is high "leaf peeping"
season! lol!

The Smoke house.....

a side view of the smoke house...

Now this is the best part...THE CHEESE!!!!

They have smoked doggy bones....

another beautiful pond....

another scenic view before we go....

and lastly, a couple of sweet little kittens living right on the edge of the pond. There is a drain pipe they are living out of. 
We left with some of our favorite "goodies". 
smoked Gouda cheese, smoked extra sharp cheese, smoked cashews and for my children, the smoked kielbasa.
Today is another beautiful day. I have plans to work on the baby quilt...we will see.


  1. such beautiful scenery. i miss the autumn leaves in ny. not that much here in austin. thanks for sharing.

    1. I never tire of the beauty here...
      Austin reminds me of California without the cooler weather.
      You do have some lovely spots there, but not the leaf changing
      that we get this way.
      Thank you :)

  2. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Thank you for taking me on your country drive. I got to see these beautiful leaf changing colors back in 2010 with a trip to Boston and NH. Something I'd been dreaming of since High School! You are so very lucky to get to see this by just going out one day for a drive :)

    1. So happy to be able to share this.
      I am grateful to be surrounded by
      such beauty. Sometimes it is surreal.
      Your trip must have been great fun!
      I hope to get to Boston someday.
      I hear there is a fabulous science
      museum there. :)

  3. such a pretty drive! and beautiful building. our leaves are just starting to turn. when we lived in the midwest, i loved how there were truly four seasons.

  4. I grew up in Texas and
    all I remember is how hot it was, with not much of a Fall.
    My daughter kept laughing at me because I wanted to keep stopping
    to take pictures. It was a lovely day to be with my daughter and
    I agree...I love the four seasons here.
    : )

  5. What a gorgeous area you live in! I love day trips -- you had time together and a fun destination, both. xo

  6. I would love to take a few more day trips before old man winter sets in.
    I want to get to the the salty air :)
    I always enjoy being with my children, except when they
    are cranky! lol!
    xo <3

  7. I would love to go to The Smokehouse! Love all the beautiful fall photography. What a wonderful way to spend a fall day!


  8. Sometimes it is just the little things that make me so happy and spending the time
    with my daughter and taking this drive was one of them!
    The Fall colors were amazing.

  9. What a beautiful and interesting drive, Marie ! Thanks for sharing the gorgeous colours of your Fall. A Smokehouse : I have never seen any over here. My eldest son brought me some smoked salt from the States (CA). Is there a special use for it ? It tastes real good. For the cheese, do they use a special wood to "smoke" it ? Love this post, a great idea to drive there with your daughter :)