Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holder of symbols and Moon baby

I have added beading to the edge of the  "medicine bag". 
I thought about adding a coconut button for a closure, but decided to add snaps instead.
I call it a medicine bag but it really is a fun "holder of symbols" that reflect
my friend. I made some fun trinkets to put in the bag, but I do not want to show them because my friend might be peeking here! :)
I still need to decide on a strap for the bag ???
Not sure what I want to do...

Moon baby is done. It was a labor of love. 
Did I mention I made him out of a wool sock?
 I just love how soft he is! He fits into the palm of your hand.
 I did touch ups to all the paint,
finished his arm and leg and added the heart and moon. He has been safely put away in a
box which I will take to my son when I go for a visit soon...
I am counting the days!

Tah Dah!


  1. i like your medicine bag. small pouches are one of my favorite things to make. a ribbon with a bead at the top might make a good strap.

  2. Hi Deanna,

    Oh ribbon is a good idea! I love small projects because they are much more do-able for me these days. Thanks! :)

  3. Moon baby looks a bit mischievous and his outfit is splendid!

  4. He looks like he is thinking about something! lol! :)
    The pattern on the sock just kind of fit perfectly when I cut it...I like when that happens!
    Thank you! :)

  5. moon baby could not be sweeter, especially like his dangling crescent.

  6. awww...thanks! I am pleased with how it turned out. My son might think it is a little strange (my teenagers do! lol!), but my son is 27 and maybe he will appreciate the effort :)

  7. Really great moon baby, and I love the name. I'm sure your friend will love the bag you made!

  8. Hi Threads of Inspiration,

    The moon baby is for my eldest son...I hope it makes him smile :)
    Thank you for stopping by xo