Tuesday, February 5, 2013

And the Angels were Singing!

If you want to be happy, be.

                                                Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Took out some fabric today and created this little piece. The wings are white wool on one side and a batik fabric on the other. I was trying to decide which way to place them???? Also, do ya notice the stuffing around her nose! Ugh! Also along the edge at the bottom? I am thinking I will coffee dye her to 
make it disappear.....

And the angels were singing....

I went out thrifting and saw this beautiful dress! It was like the angels singing! lol! It is an old Laura Ashely dress in "mint" condition!!!! SCORE! I knew right away in my thrifting heart, if there is one there is more. So I went searching in the dress section and lo and behold, look what I found:

Also in mint condition an Old Laura Ashley "Dungaree"! (the one piece jumpsuit). Now the catch was will they fit????

The pinafore is a small and I will have to figure out how to add a small piece of fabric to the side.
The dungaree is a small, but it fits! Yippee!
My youngest teenager daughter said, "Mom you are not going to wear that?"
I respond, "Oh yes I am!"
Teenage daughter: "Not in public?"
Me: "Oh yes I am!"
Teenage daughter" "Mooommmmm! really?"
Me: "Yep!"

I also found this book and I am enjoying learning some fascinating things I never knew about Hopi Kachinas. The book was copyright in 1977 and looks brand new.

A small verse from the book that stood out to me because I thought it was beautifully written:

"Kachina are the spirit essence of everything in the real world. Their existence is inferred from the steam which rises from food and whose loss does not change the form of the food, to the mist rising from a spring on a cold morning or the cloud which forms above a mountain top. As the breath of a dying Hopi departs it also must join the other mist-beings in a spirit world, the exact counterpart of the real Hopi world but with different powers. Thus when the clouds form over the mountain tops and drift over the Hopi villages it is the rain-bringing kachinas who are there."

There is so much more to all of this and I definitely look forward to reading it.

Have a great week!


  1. WOW what a score on the LA things! So pretty - I think of all the dresses I gave away - Gah! I would have to loose more weight than would be healthy to fit into a LA size small - I was pushing it with size medium. (: I do miss those lovely things.

  2. Hi Gina,

    I sooo thought of you! When I slipped on the pinafore it was like stepping back in time...ummm only 30 + years...can you believe it? Anyway, the baby wale corduroy is the finest and softest I have seen in years! I Know what you mean about getting rid of all those gorgeous dresses, pants, etc. We both had a closet full. I am always on the look out for those lovely frocks. So far I have found 1 pair of pants and the above mentioned garments. All of them for $12 total!
    Fun :)

  3. I love your Laura Ashley pinafore and dungarees. The print is so beautiful.
    I miss that shop. I like your singing angel. How fun!!! Personality is not created in a mass produced perfect world. Your Angel has a lot of personality. It has a soul.

    1. The fabrics on those garments are just divine! I miss the shop too!
      Oh how I would so work there if they were still around!
      Awww thanks! I love anything hand stitched. It does give it character that you can not find in mass produced stuff! :)

  4. oh, laura ashley! I wonder what your cool angel is singing? I like the batiked side.

    1. I think the angel is "la-la-ing" to the Pachelbel Cannon and Vivaldi's Four Seasons lol!
      The batik side gives it some warmth?
      Laura Ashley garments are so much fun! My teenage daughters think they are outrageous! lol!

  5. I am loving your little spirit angel...so charming...I am voting for the white wings...
    love the moon baby, your new clothes and the Kachina book...I have a few that I love to look at.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I like the white wings too! Gotta have comfy clothes! lol!
      There are so many fun Southwest books. I miss spending time in Santa Fe.
      xo <3

  6. Adorable spirit angel ! May you be protected in those stormy days. Take good care of you and yours, dear Marie.

  7. Hi Isabelle,
    I just finished literally digging my car out from under the snow drifts.
    It was completely buried! Gotta love New England! The sun has tried to peek through the clouds while I was out there. Thank you dear Isabelle.
    xoxo <3