Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Alike and Yet Not!

I am participating in Jude's Magic Feather Project.

I thought it would be fun to start with Jude's black and white feather.

I plan on stitching a few of these little feathers and of course doing a few feathers in my own interpretation.

The feathers that are gathered will go toward a charitable purpose for children. I like that!

This is a wip. The fabrics I am using are sooo special because they were given to me.
The colorful fabrics in the background came from a dear friend in Switzerland. 
The fabrics are Japanese and are being made into a quilt for victims of the recent Tsunami in Japan.

Some hand dyed lovely bits of fabric sent from

Thank you Gerdiary! <3

This is daughter #1 on the far right in Russia. She went with her school.
I can not wait to hear about all the stories she has to tell : )

A little day time moon....
Summer has flown by in a blink of an eye!
I am trying to relish every moment I can.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh, I love the feather and the beautiful fabrics. Looks like T is having a great time in that pic (: Your blog title today is just what I am feeling today; I am having issues with a sister. I will post about it on Saturday. Have a great rest of your summer - it has flown by...

  2. Thank you <3
    I think T is having a great time....
    I have not talked to her yet, just seen pictures.
    Sorry about your sister issues. Family
    differences are such a sensitive thing.
    I am sure it will all work out for you.
    Hope your Summer is filled with lots of happy
    family memories.<3

  3. Marie, your WIP is lovely with that sweet cloth -- and you've already stitched a feather! Love it. Those pieces from Ger are making me salivate. Not a good image, I know. I noticed your daughter is dressed to match the turrets and trim! -- what an adventure for her -- great picture for a mama to have!

  4. Marie,
    I noticed that pale daytime moon today too! I love your feather...plain fabric on top, patterned below. I love the story that goes with it. And oh my goodness that building! Would all those colors and shapes be great stitched up?! The fabrics from Ger are just gorgeous!

  5. You all are into feathers. I have been preoccupied lately and have had time to follow the feather trail with you. Oh your daughter #1 is in heaven there. My son went to Russia with his school when he was in year 11th. He loved it - Hugs Nat

  6. Hi Woman with Wings,
    Ha! Ha! (I am smiling about the visual) Gerdiary fabrics are gorgeous and so much fun to stitch with.
    I did not notice my daughter was matching the turrets. : )
    I can not wait to hear about her adventure.
    I have a few pictures I snagged off of her facebook.

  7. Hi Nancy,
    I have seen many daytime moons this Summer. It is always so odd to me to see the moon during the day.
    That building is the St. Basil's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    It would be fun to stitch that up...very colorful!
    I love new fabric : )

  8. Hi Not just Nat,,
    I am in to feathers and actually had started a blog a while ago called Circle of feathers, but I decided it was too much to have more than one blog.
    I am happy my daughter has the opportunity to visit Russia and learn about
    the culture.
    Thank you
    Hugs <3

  9. Hello Marie... your feather´s a beauty, wonderful combination of fabrics (even if I say so myself... - no, seriously, I´m glad you used one of my scraps...) - going to make one/some feather/s myself, and looking forward to your envelope...

  10. Hi Ger,

    You should be receiving the envelope soon. I mailed it out almost 2 weeks ago? Your fabric is simply divine! <3
    I look forward to seeing your feather.

  11. Lovley to see your feather work. Great fabrics, too....always love a flying heart!

  12. nice to see these feathers everywhere i go lately... nice job!

  13. Hi Mary,

    The feathers are fun and easy to stitch : )
    The flying heart is an "older" stitched piece that I "sparkled" up with stars
    to create a temporary new banner. I wanted something new <3
    Those fabrics are soo much fun to work with.

  14. Hi Jude,

    I think there is going to be a big wave of feathers flowing your way. :)
    Your creativity has touched so many lives.
    Thank you, always nice to see you stop by!

  15. I so love your B&W feather ! And what a lovely surprise to see it sewn on those Japanese patterns. I am glad you enjoyed them, Marie. My small quilt is growing slowly, earth to sky, sadness to hope. And I also loved the picture of your daughter in Moscow. Reminded me of my years there long ago. The Red Square and the Basil's Cathedral are a sight and place one never forgets. In Winter it was just magic ! Good luck to her. A lovely post, Marie. Wonderful fabrics your received from Ger.

  16. Hi Isabelle,

    Yes, I wrote a little notecard last night telling you I used the fabrics : )
    They are perfect for this little project! I love the phrase, "earth to sky, sadness to hope." Very beautiful! I look forward to seeing your lovely quilt.
    That is an amazing Cathedral and I am sure in the desolate snowy winter it would really stand out. Thank you <3

  17. beautiful images and lucky daughter visiting russia.xx

  18. Hi Lynda,

    I am finally able to use my new-to-me camera,
    So my pictures are a little clearer now...

    I look forward to hearing my daughters stories
    of her trip.
    Thank you <3

  19. hi, I came over from Ger's blog, I got that fabric pack too! Great feather, mine is also on its way, well not in the post but in my head and hopefully soon on cloth! love you blog, thanks for sharing, will keep a closer eye on this place now.

  20. All so lovely! What a great experience for your daughter. The feathers are a lot of fun to do, aren't they? I just finished my first.

  21. Hi Abigail,

    Thanks for stopping by : )

    Ger's fabric is so beautiful and such fun to stitch with. I have other feather ideas "floating" around in my mind too. They are so much fun to stitch up and I love a quick and easy cloth.

    Thank you for all your kind words...(I am blushing!) : )

  22. Hi Deb,

    The feathers are a quick, fun and easy cloth and since I have so little time for stitching these days, it is a perfect little project.

    I agree about the experience for my daughter : )