Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have wanted to try watercolor pencils for the longest and I finally purchased some yesterday.
I bought a book called:  Drawing Lab (52 creative exercises to make drawing fun)
by Carla Sonheim 

She encourages you to do different projects and gives you assignments.
She writes, "It's a paradox when you have complete freedom, you often "freeze up" and do nothing. This book is a compilation of assignments that I have given myself over the years to get myself moving. Others were developed for elementary school-age students. When I started teaching adults, I found these same exercises to be the most effective. (We're all just kids inside still, right?)"

These are some drawings I did with my water color pencils inspired by her book.
I have painted with acrylics but I found this to be fun due to no clean up and no mess.

A nice thing to do on a rainy day.....


  1. Love your fun little drawings...Carla is a sweetheart. We took a class from her at Artfest a few years ago..I think I have a drawing in the book from the class! (tiny)

  2. Ha! that is so fun to know that you have actually met her. I have really enjoyed her book and I take it out periodically to "play around" or use it for inspiration. Fun :)

  3. Marie, this is so cool and must be sheer pleasure for you to do. I love guidebooks, workbooks, anything to inspire and get me moving where I need to go. I seriously can't draw for beans but I love watching people who can! xo

  4. I have a couple of books like this, but just have not found or created the time to "play" with them much.

    I really enjoy the "how-to" aspect of it all. I am good at "monkey see, monkey do" ha! ha!

    I am laughing about your "beans" comment! : )