Sunday, August 14, 2011

feathers and flowers

It is rare that I do not have to edit a photo. What I mean by that is darken, lighten, etc.
This Hydrangea flower is just gorgeous...unedited! It was a gift from a neighbor and to me it 
says "New England" like no other flower.

 a close up of this beauty!

This is a peacock looking feather and I am leaving it just the way it is. The white fabric is from the
pillow case that belonged to my grandmother.
 It is very old and sooo soft to the touch. She would
be pleased to know that it was being used for something to give to children. She loved children so

lastly, working on a stamped crow and two Magic feathers.


  1. the colors of your peacock feather are just beautiful. i used to like to dry hydrangeas and put them in a vase. they are beautiful dried.

  2. Hi deanna7trees,

    I used variegated threads for the peacock feather. I dug through the scrap thread pile for those : )

    I have seen hydrangeas dried and you are right they are still beautiful.

  3. Marie, it's a good thing I don't need to choose cuz I don't think I could, I love both feather pieces! And the color of the hydrangea is perfection, itself. I so wish they would grow here...

  4. Hi woman with wings,

    Thanks <3
    I really enjoy doing the little feather pieces.
    So quick and easy!
    Many years ago I went to Cape Cod and found it so remarkable to see all of the beautiful hydrangeas. I had never seen the lovely bluish-purplish color before. You never forget the beautiful color.
    Nice to see a picture of you! <3

  5. Peacock feather, how beautiful! The hydrangea is gorgeous too I can see metallic over the surface of the petals! Hugs Nat

  6. I love the natural variegated colors of the hydrangea.
    Variegated dmc threads are my favorite thread to work with.
    To me it is like candy...
    so much fun to work with : )

  7. oh yes I adore your feathers. Working with a stamp is something I never thought of ....

  8. The stamp is such a fun addition and I think it adds a little "interest" to any project. I enjoy a touch of beading as well.

    Thank you <3

  9. I found one hydrangea flower from my struggling plant hiding under a shrub last night. The brightness of the blue caught my've captured that with your magic feather.

  10. We have these gorgeous plants all over our Estate gardens....l love Hydrangeas. Love your work here....beautiful feathers. lyndax

  11. Your feather is so beautiful! I adore those colors and it looks great near those hydrangeas.

    Mom has many of them at her home on Cape Cod...and they are magnificent. I visit her weekly and love it when they are in bloom.

    My daughter used them in her centerpieces for her wedding and they were stunning.

    I'm working on my feather today...hopefully.

  12. Hi Shishi,

    Those colors in the peacock feather are some of my favorite colors. Oh, your mom lives in Cape Cod...what fun! We stayed in Chatham. The most fun was when the low tide came and you could walk out for about a mile. Now this was many years ago when my children was so small and everything was amazing to them! It was such a joy to see their little faces light up at horseshoe crabs :)
    I bet your daughters wedding was just beautiful <3
    Happy feather stitching! <3

  13. I meant.... when my children "were" so small.