Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Mercury Retrograde"
(this is an older piece I am showing)

I have been so busy working and dealing with "life"
that it is not until today that I am finding any free time....

I have missed my little corner of the world and look forward to sharing something new this weekend.

My whole world has been work and more work with l-o-n-g hours
and in between obtaining a new-to-me car.

The children started school this week and now there is a big storm
heading our way, which dashed my hopes of heading to the ocean for the day.
I have not been all summer and was hoping to go this weekend, but with
a hurricane coming....probably not the best idea.

Just maybe I will get to the lake????

Hope all of you are well...more to come later : )


  1. Hope all goes well for you with this storm :)
    I like your hand cloth - so bright and cheerful - good thing on this stormy weekend!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    We are fine. Just a lot of rain and wind. A neighbor has a tree fallen on the line above their house and it has been smoldering and sparking.

    They can not get any one out due to the enormous overload of all the different companies.
    The good news is everyone is safe. Thank you :)

  3. Hello Marie,
    So glad to read everyone is safe. This pretty embroidered hand looks Indian (from India) to me and I just love the warm shades. Thank you for those lovely pieces of material you sent. I may well add them in the "hope" part of the Japan quilt, if you don't mind, of course ? They would blend in beautifully.

  4. Hi Isabelle,

    Yes please use those little bits for what ever you want : )
    I am thrilled you would consider using them for the Japan Quilt.

    I embroidered the hand with India in know the henna type painting. (love it!)

    thank you <3