Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gathering Earth Spirits

pinecone spiral dance...

As Fall continues to descend on us daily I was inspired to gather Earth Spirits and play. Inspired by this:

Thank you Deb @ Bee Creative for giving me the information!!!! http://beecreative.typepad.com/

rock and acorns 

wood, stone, and acorn ....

I went into a local business and came across this postcard on a bulletin board.  
It seemed to "call out" to me when I saw it on the board. 
Initially I walked away from the board but, decided to go back
and look closer at the postcard.

I asked the person in charge of the place of business if they knew this person??? They replied "No, but said I could have the postcard."

This is the backside of the postcard.

Later in the day I was visiting a book, crystal, stone store. I went in to pick
up some rose oil and I quickly dashed through the store and look what I found!!!!
It jumped off the shelf at me!!!! (metaphorically speaking.)

This is a story of one women's journey in to the supernatural world.

 As a child she thought everyone experienced the things she did.
 As she grew up she realized that not everyone was aware of the paranormal and that angels and spirits are around us everyday. She became very quiet about her awareness. 
As she has matured she realized that it was important to share her story so that others who may have experienced similar experiences would know that they are not alone...
"She is an everyday mother and wife."

A lovely music box song by George Winston.

Lastly, I have been working on a skull for my Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) altar, to honor
those who have passed on. I ordered a pattern from Sublime Stitching. I love her stuff and we all need
to support our creative fellow Sista! : )

Stitiching Fun!


  1. Beautiful music on that video - sounded like the theme for the movie "Somewhere in Time". I think your wood on stone pic looks like looking down on a bird! really pretty photos, Marie. You have an eye for beauty.

  2. I love your beautiful earth spirit arrangements, Marie. You (& Andy in the video!) inspire me, I want to go out and find sticks & branches and make things. Rocks are not so common here, so it'll have to be plant/tree material. So wonderful. You know, I think I have that same embroidery pattern, will have to look. Medium, Rare seems to have been destined for you! Have you read it already and do you recommend it? xo

  3. Hi Gina,

    I have loved George Winston's music since I first heard it so long ago. Probably when I was 19!
    I have always loved pretty things and it has helped me in my work. Thank you <3

  4. Hi Woman with wings,

    You are always creating/gathering beautiful Earth Art.:)
    I have read the book, Medium Rare and it was a very quick read. It was significant to me because some of her stories answered questions for me in a unique way. It was good for me to read and if you asked if I recommend it I would say yes. I only know as you said it was meant for me to read it. Circumstances unfolded so I would have it that day! I love synchronicity and how all of heaven and earth conspire to bring about good.
    I love the Sublime Stitching patterns. They are so easy to use. Hope you find yours. <3

  5. p.s. Gina,

    I think the music from the video is from "Out of Africa".

  6. p.s.s. the Andy Goldworthy video....