Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mittens and a feather

I wanted a small project that would be quick and satisfied my stitching desire so I decided to stitch up
a feather.

I was going through some papers and found this cool chart....

Lastly, this is Mittens the cat. She is our adopted cat that showed up before the Summer began. She is sooo sweet and is so much more adorable than this picture shows. She is staying warm on my car because I just got home and the car is still warm from driving it. The children named her "Mittens" because she has 6 toes on both of  her front paws only. It looks like she has thumbs. She was starving when we first found her and now she is looking rather healthy.


  1. Wow, you've been busy! All looks great. The feathers do make a nice small project to work on I've found. Also I love that you keep a cookie cutter in your thread bowl.

  2. Your cat is adorable and I'm sure she appreciates the good care she gets now! Love that chart!

  3. Hi Deb,

    The funny thing about the cookie cutter is that I love cookies but,I do not make them that often because I will eat them!
    I think the different options for viewing the blog are fun and are a lot like choose which way you want to do it. (smiles)

  4. Hi Nancy,

    The cat is such a cutie and so sweet...she chose us. She was so unhealthy looking when she came to us. Apparently whoever owned her stopped feeding her. Now, she is healthy.
    That chart is handy because it reminds me of the names of all the seasons. :)

  5. Oh, I love that cat with her eyes almost closed and her paws turned in, what a darling. Makes me feel so good that you were able to rescue and revive her, she's a picture of health now, for sure.

    Really like your feather and the background fabric, too, one complements the other! The "wheel of the year" is how I like to look at it, too! xo

  6. The cat is an outside cat for now but come winter I am sure she will have to change her ways. She talks a lot too! Very sweet.

    The feathers are so easy and a quick stitch. I am trying to decide where to put my creative attention???? I have limited time to focus on it and I am feeling overwhelmed by my indecision :/
    Time for me to take out some paper and set some goals!
    I really like that wheel/chart. I do not always remember the exact names/dates of the seasons so it is helpful.

  7. What a lovely blue feather, Marie ! I like the cloth you are stitching it on. Mittens is adorable. Even so my dog would still run after her... and never catch her! What a lovely new blog you have : I tried all the various versions, they are a great choice.

  8. Hi Isabelle,

    The feathers are so much fun to stitch because they are easy.
    I am sort of missing my old blog because I could look at my blog roll and see who had posted something new, now I have to change pages...that is one thing I am not fond of, but other then that I really like this new format.
    Nino would have fun chasing Mittens : )