Monday, October 10, 2011


I began this project many months ago. I was inspired by this:

I finally found some stones near this ancient stone fence near my home.....

I am uncertain how old this fence is but there are many of these for miles and miles of road...
Ancient bits of history. I wonder as I drive along who built them and what were they like?
Were they building them to mark their land or keep their sheep from wandering?
It does not matter. I love the Ancient charm.

Inspired to take both projects further by this:

Boro Madonna aka Water quilt... just adding a little more stitching, fabric and gathering to this one.



  1. The stones are charming :) I too love those old walls. The old town I was married in had many walls like this and I always loved them!
    Your cloth is stunning, so rich and deep. Love it!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Were you married on the East Coast? Like I said, I always wonder who built those stone walls and what their life was like? There is a farm just beyond the one I took a picture of and there are sheep.

    The black cloth really adds a nice contrast, so whatever color you use really stands out...thank you ; )

  3. I love how you've taken these further, Marie!

    See now, that's what I mean, I could never in a million years do that fine crochetwork. I adore the stone piece. And the boro madonna, her boro hair!! (or scarf?), so very wonderful. The blues together are perfect and I predict this quilt is going to be quite something!

  4. Hi Woman with wings,

    Well I have to say you are my inspiration to take things further....(smiles:)

    That was my first attempt at finer crochet and I really wanted to use sea stones but I never made it to the ocean this summer.

    The boro Madonna has a scarf over her head or it could be hair :)
    awwww...thanks! I like the deeper colors, especially the purples.

  5. Marie- Nah, out west in Genoa the first town/settlement in Nevada, right at the base of the Sierras. It's beautiful there.

  6. I like how you have taken things forward as well. So easy just to keep things neat and symmetrical, but so much more interesting to interrupt it. I do recognize that purple and white block.

    I also have just thought crocheting string not my bag. I have seen a beautiful scarf made with small granny squares. But it seems tedious. Maybe just like everything there is a learning curve and past that it doesn't seem that difficult.

  7. Hi Cosmic Arcata,
    Your quilt square is amazing! I do not have the patience for such a detailed is beautiful!

    Crocheting is so much easier for me than knitting. The little rock covers were relatively easy.

    Yes, I agree like every creative thing we do...there is a learning curve.

  8. This reminds me that when I decided to learn to knit socks, I taught myself the European method. Basically it is a lot like crocheting. You hold your yarn (if you are right handed) on your left hand, rather than your right hand, like the Americans do. It is easier and faster. I was frustrated with the American method of wrapping because you had to let go of your needle and pick it back up. Laborious.

    Keep crocheting, you are doing a beautiful job.

  9. Ha...I am hilarious trying to knit!
    I kept poking myself : )
    I would have to look at this method you speak of...sounds interesting.
    Thank you <3

  10. How wonderful the stones - your thoughts and the quilt you are constructing - Boro Madonna is just beautiful:)


  11. Hi Jill,

    I think I am going to gather more stones and see where it takes me : )
    The Boro Madonna came about because I was thinking of the Black Madonnas.

  12. Love your new look and all the beautiful things you are working on!
    Those folk art dolls were for you, by the way!
    Love the book tips...always nice to have new inspiring things to read before bed.

  13. wonderful gatherings and creating here, especially love the blues of your quilt. your photo of the stone wall has me thinking of andy goldsworthy's work

  14. Hi Art Spirit (Mary),
    Those dolls were so inspiring to me...I have written down a goal to begin working on dolls and painting. Thank you <3

    I like the clean lines of this template but I do miss having my blog roll on the front page, instead it is on a tab above. I am still pondering it all : )

  15. Hi Handstories,

    I looked up Andy Goldworthy's work and it is so lovely.Thank
    I have added a lot of blue to the Boro Madonna quilt because I was thinking I would make it into a "water" quilt because I see the Earth/water as feminine...still pondering all of this too. Somehow I think I should be taking notes on each piece because so much time passes before I can work on it and the continuity can get lost. i.e. what was I thinking at the time? : )

  16. Marie, find the movie that was made about Andy Goldsworthy if you can. It's called River and Tides. Just beautiful... The covered rocks have been on my "to-try" list forever. Need to do soon, might make good Christmas gifts as I think about it.

  17. Hi Deb,

    I will look for the movie. Thank you.

    The covered stones are a lot of fun to do because they are quick and easy.

    I think they would make wonderful Christmas presents : )

  18. Love those deep shades of blue in your Water Quilt. Stones, each different in shape, texture and shade. I have a bowl full of small stones that I collect here and there. Rain cover them sometimes, it looks so peaceful. Always different.

  19. Hi Isabelle,

    Some of the blues are almost purple and some fabrics are purple ; )
    I always wonder what stories the stones hold???
    I never tire of looking at them. As you said, very peaceful.