Saturday, October 29, 2011


Our first snow.....

Yes, I am still here...just busy. Still working on my embroidery skull. I hope to have some things to show later. Until then...


  1. Marie, great photo! Did you get a ton of snow where you live? I haven't found my skull pattern yet...maybe the spirits will reveal it to me in the next few days!

  2. Hi Woman with wings,

    Yes, we got a lot of snow. I worked late and driving home went into a ditch. The good news is I had angels watching over me.
    I had at least 7 people stop to offer help and my car was not damaged. I was going slowly and my intention was to move over so an oncoming car would have room and I gently kept sliding to the right...then softly into a ditch. Had I fought car would not be ok.
    I hope you find you pattern. If not, email me with your address and I will share : )

  3. I saw on TV that you had a lot of snow on the East Coast. So early ! No snow here yet but frost in the cool mornings. Autumnal colours are slowly vanishing, wasn't this Season absolutely beautiful ? Plenty of warm colours in store for Winter. Thanks for this lovely picture Marie,I am happy angels watched over you.

  4. Hi Isabelle, Yes we had a lot of snow...beautiful to look at but not drive in!
    : ?
    Thank you so much <3