Saturday, December 10, 2011

the answer...

My answer to all the craziness : )

Mexican hot chocolate!

This is my version:

1 cup of whole milk
2 tsp. cocoa
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 tsp. of sugar
a pinch of chili powder to taste
a pinch of cinnamon to taste +
cinnamon sprinkled on top
 and lots of whip cream on top!
(sometimes I add cardamon, and omit vanilla)
: )


  1. I like the looks of that! This is very appealing, especially with the chili powder, don't think I've ever had it that way.

    I made your pumpkin soup and it is soooo good. Thanks!

  2. yummy!! sipping some right now...thank you!

  3. Hi Woman with Wings (Peggy)
    The whipping cream had melted quite a bit before the picture, but it was delicious : )

    That soup is so quick and easy and if you have guest it is a quick before dinner soup... thank you for letting me know and glad you liked it!

  4. Hi Joe,

    I am smiling....glad you are enjoying! For me it is the little things and
    having a cup of cocoa makes me happy : )

  5. This picture looks so Christmassy and the Mexican chocolate absolutely delicious !

  6. Hi Isabelle,
    I edited the "Christmas" into it because the picture was so "blah".
    lol! : )
    Love Mexican Hot Chocolate.

  7. Marie, How much chocolate do you put in your Mexican Hot Chocolate? and How much will this make?
    I like love warm drinks and soups this time of year too.
    Your cloth is lovely. I think that textures are delicious and will make a great "stage" for what every you have in mind.
    Your books look like great choices for this time of year...Freida's as it is very close to your heart and The Ghost of New England as the days get shorter you might get a visit. I had a friend that thought she saw one her New England farm house from the 1700's. So I have no doubt they exist.


  8. whoops...I am not very good at sharing amounts am I??? lol!
    I put 2 tsps. of cocoa.

    Now I just have to carve out time for reading.
    Many people have ghost stories in New England. There is so much history here...
    I agree they do exist.

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