Saturday, December 31, 2011


I am making a list of things I want to accomplish this coming year. A new beginning....
Really it is an illusory beginning. Each new day that we rise up and go is a "new beginning." I have pulled out a sketch book that I bought to sketch in and I want to begin a journal again of thoughts, words, ideas, dreams. I have put a poster board of goals in front of my desk.
I have found inspiration these last few days. Inspiration that I consider a gift. A phone call from a dear artist friend whom I treasure.
A phone call that has inspired me to get along in my creative endeavors. Something that can lead to some very exciting possibilities for me in the future. 

I have found an artist that has inspired me to rise above limitations
and do better with what I have.

I am thinking about although life has been more difficult then I ever dreamed what I treasure most are
the moments I share with my family.
Each time my children share some insight or we laugh together,
having good food and a roof over our head and being healthy...these are the things I am grateful for.
I am also grateful for the circle of women who visit here and always leave me with a sense of gratitude and a smile.

Finally, for those of you following along this (pictures above) is what I made with the woven red fabrics...a little shirt for this elfin fellow that is a gift.

I will raise my cup of tea to you and....

I am wishing you and your families a Happy New Year !


I really like this blog:


  1. Agree with you about beginnings... Hope this next year does bring you lots of wonderful things! Happy New Year!

  2. Wishing you a sunny and bright New Year full of joy, laughter, a supportive creative muse, and whatever your heart desires. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Deb,

    Thank you so much <3
    I am wishing you a Happy New Year too!
    : )

  4. Jeannie,

    Thank you so much and I am wishing you the same back.
    I read through your blog and realized you have many changes taking
    place and so I am wishing you a Happy New Year filled with easy transitions and much love, joy and peace <3

  5. Marie, the shirt on that elfin fellow is so great! I love the guy and the shirt, both.

    I wish you magic and success on your creative journey...sounds intriguing...and most of all, love and happiness...and a great year ahead! See you. xo

  6. Hi Woman with wings (Peggy),

    Red is such a fun color! One of my favorite to add a bit of "zing" to something :)
    Thank you so much xoxo <3

    I am excited about the possibilities for this year...we will see ;)

  7. your merry elfin is fabulous. & yes, so much more difficult than i ever imagined, but also, so much MORE than i ever imagined. thank you.

  8. Hi Handstories,
    Sometimes it is the silly little things; like the quirky little face on the elf that give me a smile and make me happy to be creating something for someone who just might find a little smile from it too.

    I love your perspective on this past year...seeing it as More than we ever imagined is good : )

  9. Life is not always easy, for sure, but maybe it is meant to be so to "push us forward"? I believe there are moments of joy and new discoveries in every day, it is up to us to see and feel them. This is one of my goals this year, be more present and aware. Love your red elfin ! He seems to be embracing the world with wide open arms :) All the best, dear Marie.

  10. HI Isabelle,

    Sorry I did not respond quickly...I missed seeing your comment. Yes, I agree there are moments of joy and new discoveries everyday. I try to seize those little moments : )