Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a gift of roses

(a felt snowflake)

Quietly and gently this beautiful gift came to me....

You see I was not expecting such a lovely gift to arrive.
With great surprise I opened the package...
and I found this lovely hand stitched quilt of roses.

I love the spiral of beading around the roses and seeing each lovingly stitched bit of thread...gorgeous!

There are bits of fabric from France, England, Holland and even India all stitched with love from Isabelle in Switzerland:

This is a treasure and my heart is full...
with deep gratitude "thank you from my heart."


  1. That's really gorgeous, Marie. Any plans on where you will place it?

  2. What a beautiful, wonderful surprise. I like the way Isabelle created the bed of roses, it's just lovely. And a RED snowflake - yay!

  3. Hi Gina,

    No plans yet where I will put this piece.
    Yes, it is lovely and very soft.

  4. Hi Woman with wings,

    The red snowflake is cut from felt and it feels like 100% wool...This will go on the Christmas tree (If we put it up) We still have a very curious kitten hanging around :)
    Otherwise I will find a spot to hang it up.

  5. What a nice treat...a surprise in the mail! Yea! It's beautiful.

  6. I love surprises : )
    : )

  7. ;) somehow this little quilt looks familiar to me. Your rose garden travelled a lot with me over the Summer and Fall. Stitching in the open, at friends', at home, even during a trip by train. I am so happy that you like it, Marie, and that it flew safely over the pond. No red snow flakes here, not even white ones but up in the Alps the mountains are snow-topped. Let's hope for a White Christmas ! Much love and many good wishes to you.

  8. Hi Dearest Isabelle,

    I am so touched that my beautiful little cloth has so many memories stitched into it! I kept thinking of you traveling on the train....
    Thank you again and again. <3
    We are suppose to get snow next Monday...brrrr! : )

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