Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full moon, postcards and fabrics

Gift arrives...

gorgeous silks and wool...

and this lovely postcard which is: Portrait De Jeune Fille by Van Dongen Kees

and this postcard which is: Woman sewing by lamplight, 1870-72
Jean-Francois Miller (1814-1875) The Frick Collection, New York.
These were sent by my dear friend Isabelle:

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This afternoon/evening I have worked on a few things that I can not share because they are gifts, but this one I can share because i wanted to participate in creating full moon art:
This piece is called "she moon"

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the front of "she moon"
The fabric under the moon is a piece of wool from Isabelle...thank you again Isabelle : )

Lastly, this is another wonderful postcard I received from Marrakech this week from: 
Thank you so much Jeanne <3
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I feel like I have traveled to far away lands when I receive these lovely cards and it makes me feel deep gratitude for each of you.
I treasure each postcard.
A heartfelt thanks!


  1. Love the she moon - sounds more lovely than man in the moon, for sure!

  2. Hi Gina,

    Ha ha! Yep...I agree. : )

  3. Hi Nancy,

    It was fun adding the beads and extra stitches. I knew right away she
    would be a woman/girl moon lol!

  4. "she" is lovely! especially like the stars (?) twinkling in the corners.

  5. Hi Handstories,

    Thank you for noticing the stars : )
    I have been wanting to use those beads for the longest and
    I decided I could make little stars out of them.
    so much fun.

  6. Lovely she-moon. I like your little touch of sparkle with the beads, too. What fabric is your moon made from?

    How special that your friends take the time to find and send postcards that reflect your love of stitching.

  7. Hi Nanette,

    The moon is a 100% cotton fabric and underneath that the fabric is wool, then the bottom fabric is 100% cotton again.
    Thank you. : )

    I am grateful for the friends in bloggy-land! <3
    Thank you for commenting.
    ; )

  8. "she-moon" is so wonderful I can hardly stand it! .... plus the name is perfect, Marie! What a wonderful bundle you received, now the pleasure of handling each piece of cloth and thinking about it...like a meditation almost. I love the woman stitching by candlelight. xo

  9. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you :)
    Is'nt that the sweetest picture of the woman stitching? Could you see that
    little baby in the background?...kind of hard to see.
    New fabric is like little treasures :)

  10. You know, I just love your work Marie...and so happy to see that my postcard made it's way to you....it was sincerely..a pleasure!
    Best wishes
    Jeanne xx

  11. Hi Deb,

    I would love to do a "moon" picture each month with Peggy...it helped to focus
    me lol!
    : )
    p.s. yes, very much fun : )

  12. Hi Jeanne,

    Thank you sooo much. I have my postcard above my desk. It is a treasure
    to me and every time I look at it I think of you visiting lovely Marrakech.
    : ) <3