Monday, February 27, 2012


I wish I could say that I was so organized but when the weeks are flying by and I am working all the time piles begin to appear on my desk and other spots. I am pretty sure a little black kitten found my
thread along the way and quietly jumbled some of it. : /


With my little bit of time in between taking children places I managed to light a candle and let the ceremony of "organize" begin....

I pulled out my thread boxes and sharpie and began winding thread on bits of plastic card...
I know, I know...eeeuuk! But I bought the boxes years ago and today I would not invest in
plastic. Since I have it now I figure I will make use of it, right? Better not to throw it away.

This picture is deceiving because the bowl of thread is almost a foot across...Have I confessed I have a thread addiction? It is like candy to me, especially the variegated kind. 

Lastly, I found some thread as I was going through all of it that will work perfectly for this
little project....I did not know I had so many options! lol! Have a great day : )



  1. I like finding things I forgot I had. Money is nice to find that way! (:

  2. I would love to hear how you organize your threads. I have some of mine separated into different color schemes but then I don't know what to do with the variegated ones. I'm always buying braids of threads. Do you unwind these and put on the plastic cards too?


  3. My threads were wound and put on cards last week. This week I was cleaning out workbaskets and found more threads - lol! Threads are an opportunity for creativity and I love how the look together - a rainbow of ideas.

  4. Marie, that top photo is heaven -- and doesn't it feel so good to just get that candle lit and the project underway? I'm still winding threads, too, but I'm pretty sure you've got waaay more than me! -- what's that saying, enjoy the journey!! xo

  5. I love thread as well. I think what is fabric without thread to put it together. I used to buy it for cross stitch projects and had to hunt for the number. Now I shop for it like ice cream and pick out the flavors that appeal to me.

    Happy organizing. I am going to join in and get my place organized!!

  6. Hi Gina,

    Yes finding "useful" things is like a bonus. I tried that chili recipe (the quick and easy one you posted)
    delicious! I need e-a-s-y ; ) Thank you <3
    : )

  7. Hi Regina,

    At one time I had all the variegated threads in one box, but at this point I decided to combine the threads and go strictly by color scheme. I only use the smaller DMC threads, not the braided ones because they tend to be thicker. I really only put the thread on the plastic cards once I have opened the thread for a project. It is just a way to clean up the loose ends. I still have my big bowl of threads : )
    Thank you. <3

  8. Hi Jeannie,

    Its so funny how we find things we did not even know we had once we start cleaning. I found those beautiful rusty color threads once I started cleaning up all my threads! Threads are a delicious rainbow of colors ; )
    I find inspiration in the different blends.

  9. Hi Peggy,

    Oh it was heaven just to have a little time to myself and focus on my little organization project. I always try to light a candle when I am stitching, painting (have not done that in a while), or reading. It makes it feel special and smell good too! lol! ; )
    I have been collecting thread for a while...
    xoxo <3

  10. Hi Snail Cloth,

    I think it is so much more fun to pick out what you want, like a child in a candy shop rather than what you need!

    Happy organizing ; )
    xo <3

  11. Yes, better to use it then to throw it away. And what a lovely way to use it!

  12. I still want to try using clothespins for my thread like Peggy did! Love that idea!
    Wrapping thread is sort of a meditation or at least a way to "focus" my attention ; )

  13. i wish i could blame the cat for my tangled nest of thread. hooray for you for getting a grip on some of it! nice new header.

  14. Hi Handstories,

    Thank you. I wanted a collage of different bits of my stitching and pics I have taken over the years.
    Something that was "me" : )
    Well, the string mess was there, but little kitty helped jumble it a bit. lol!

  15. Hello at long last, dear Marie ! So happy to be visiting you again, I feel better every day, tho' a bit tired. I will write more soon, just wanted to say hi and... i seem to have recognized a piece of my own curtains ?? They look pretty in your home too :)
    much love

  16. Hi Isabelle,
    I am so happy you are back xoxo
    Happier to hear you are feeling better every day.
    The fabric bits you sent are just lovely. I treasure
    each one. Thank you <3