Monday, February 6, 2012

Long and winding road...

A lovely old cape cod style home...

There are some mornings when I just feel the need to take a long winding scenic road to work.
I had my camera with me and thought I would share some of what I see. The day is sunny but
about 17 degrees outside so all these pictures are taken from my car.

Look at this rambling old farm house...huge!

This tree reminds me of a bird tree!

this is a bird/puppet from a movie by Jim Henson
I think that tree looks just like this. What do you think?


beautiful trees and snow!

I have lots of goodies to share with you tomorrow. 
Have a great day!


  1. Pretty scenery makes the drive nicer! You have a good eye for imagery (:

  2. I love the bird tree, you're right on! xo

  3. Hi Gina,

    So many times I wish I had a camera with me when I am driving because I see some really beautiful or amazing things.
    One morning on the way to work I even saw a huge bear! A rare thing around here. (Not something I would want to meet while walking lol! )
    Because it was a sunny morning,I made a conscious decision to bring the camera and take a few pictures.
    Thank you : )

  4. Hi Peggy,
    The day before I was taking my daughter to a friends and remarked to my daughter what a lovely old farm home and her friend pointed out the unusual tree. I immediately saw the skesis bird from the Dark Crystal. You must watch this movie.! It is one of my favorites. Even though it was created using puppets, the story is for adults too! You really will be fascinated by it. <3

  5. Love your full moon post card!
    And the long and winding road...a treat to see where you travel pretty.
    visits to your blog are always inspiring!