Monday, February 20, 2012

This and that!

This is a piece of embroidery I completed today. I have been working on it for a while. It is a gift, so I am not showing the whole thing. It is not that it is so complicated it was just a matter of finding the time to focus. (My word for the year!)

A closeup of "weathered heart".
I wanted to add beading but did not have the right color beads so I did what any penny saving girl would do....I made up my own "beads" by doing french knots in the color I wanted : )
There is always a way around things when you are creating. That is what I love about stitching, embroidery, etc. You can make do with what you have.


  1. I love how the X's repair the tear!

  2. Like shoelaces on a shoe : )
    Healing stitches <3
    Thank you.

  3. Marie, I love these pieces, love all the stitching -- especially the tear in the heart stitches. Could symbolize so many different things...
    That house on Apartment Therapy is awesome, isn't it? Wow. I wonder if that's bamboo growing right outside the window by the table & chairs.

  4. Hi Peggy,
    hearts have always been a favorite of mine :)
    Ha...I did not even notice the bamboo until you pointed it
    out. I was so mesmirized by all the warmth and coziness of the
    house. <3

  5. I like Nancy's comment about "repairing the fear". I have also enjoyed your heart series. I love french knots and embroidery. Focus is a good word to adopt everyday.

    That is a very nice cottage. It looks like they have done a lot to get light into their space, Seattle being a darker state and many suffer from depression because of it, so that is a good thing. I also like the colors and patterns that seem to play with the light and give the rooms a lift of fun.

  6. HI Snail Cloth,

    Repairing the fear is such a great perception of the heart...Love is letting go of fear <3

    Love that cottage so cozy and warm and yes, I agree, the colors play nicely off of one another.

  7. all the different textures are great- especially the blue on blue & those french knots are better than beads i love making them.

  8. Hi Handstories,

    I am finding that I really enjoy stitched pieces with many textures. It is kind of like have variegated keeps
    my interest. French knots are fun! : )
    Thank you.

  9. i am simply in love with your weathered heart cloth! so much life. so many gentle whispers... thank you for sharing it with us!


  10. Hi Joe,
    My apologies for not responding sooner...I did not realize you left a comment.
    The weathered heart was my way of expressing my sheer frustration with all the challenges we are
    thrown in every department of our lives. It was my attempt at calming the "inner" storm. LOL!
    Thank you <3