Monday, March 12, 2012


So this is what I have been up to, well besides driving the children all around, laundry and yadah, yadah, ya......

You are probably wondering, "What does this little bear have to do with anything???"
This was a gift to daughter #2 for a birthday many moons ago. The teddy bear is called:
Muffy Vanderbear.

While thrifting on Saturday at one of my favorite spots I found this:

I found two little cherry pies that go with Muffy Vanderbear. They came in the little bakery
boxes, but the boxes were not that beautiful. Anyway, I got both of them for $  .99 cents.
Pretty good deal....
I must confess, my daughter could care less. I am the one who wants to collect
the muffy bear "stuff".

My next and most exciting find was this:

A needlepoint frame! For a mere $  .99 cents! Yes, I love it. Very useful indeed. Also, a little sneek peek
of something I am working on. A little remake of something I have already stitched before. It is going
to be a gift for someone who has been a great inspiration to me. 
Oh, and by the way...we have had all 4 seasons in one day this past week...crazy!
Have a great week!



  1. I remember Muffy! Love finding things like that when I'm out thrifting. It's like a secret between you and the find - no one else knows it's true worth. (: I'm sure you have a sweet collection going...

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  2. I sort of remember Muffy, too, trying to place it in my mind...sweet.

    That frame was a great deal for 99 cents, and I'm loving the sunny lion you're stitching! xo

  3. Hi Gina,

    Your right, it is like a secret between me and the find.
    ; )
    You put into words what I could not, thanks.
    I think that is why I love thrifting so much. It is like a treasure
    hunt or like a child in nature who stumbles upon some amazing
    seashell, stick, rock, etc.
    It is my "fun".

  4. Muffy is from North American Bear Company.
    I had not thought of her for ages and decided I would
    look it up on the interenet. Sure enough the company
    discontinued most of the line : (
    At one point I had collected a lot of the things (for the girls), but too
    many moves pared down the collection to almost nothing.
    As luck would have it, I went thrifting and there was the muffy pies.
    If I remember correctly, way back when I paid $8 - $10 for one little pie!
    That frame was a big deal! I had been wanting one and there it was!

  5. hooray for thrift shops! is that a kachina you're stitching?

  6. I love treasure hunting. I especially love thrift stores.
    I am not familiar with Muffy. But she is cute.

    I remember wanting a needlepoint frame...then owning one and it not really meeting up to my expectations. Hope it is working better for you.

  7. Hi Handstories,

    Yes, that is a Kachina : )
    It is a duplicate (somewhat), of one I stitched several years ago.
    I love thrift shops <3

  8. Hi Snail Cloth,

    I have had needlepoint frames before and I really find them useful.
    As you can see, even though it is for needlepoint I am using it for embroidery : )
    Muffy Vanderbear is adorable and she has a little friend named "Hoppy",
    that they no longer make : (
    Obviously a bunny.
    I have to say my favorite store is the thrift store because it is always a treasure hunt...he he. <3 xoxo

  9. We had a dog named Muffy when I was growing up. My mom really wanted to name her "Mutley" after a dog in a cartoon...Inspector Gadget I think? Since she was a girl, she ended up being Muffy. Thanks for the memory this morning. :)

  10. I had a dog named muffy too! I really want another one.
    But I will have to wait. It sounds like we both have sweet
    I named my dog after the teddy bear above because her
    little face looked like a muffy bear.