Thursday, March 1, 2012

Georgia and Secrets

This was how I spent my day off....

This is an old piece I am stitching to my very first quilt I am still making.
Obviously, it is inspired by Georgia O'keefe and numerology.
Why I put the two together...who knows??? I have no idea! lol!

A very old blurry picture I took of the cook book I had, (which I can not find now).

More pieces I am basting to the middle layer....

Also continuing to read a little...

More snow today!


  1. I love your new header and that GOK piece. Very beautiful! It's like Spring here and in the 70's...lucky you, getting snow...

  2. Marie, I love your new header, too! The fact that you combined the GO flower and the date only makes it more interesting, like you stop & gaze there for a moment to reflect on it. What is the theme or name of the quilt it's for? Very wonderful! xo

  3. Hi Gina,

    Thank you. I was very fortunate to see an exhibition of some of Georgia O'keefe's paintings. I was so surprised when I saw them in person. Some of her paintings were incredibly large and others that I thought would be big were small. One thing I remember was that the flower paintings were the big paintings and were quite striking. That is what inspired me to stitch the poppy.
    It has snowed all day and thankfully I was able to leave work a little early, but the snow continues. Driving in the snow is not fun but looking at it is :)

  4. Hi Peggy,

    It took me quite a while to gather all those pictures. On one hand I feel like I have done a lot and yet not as much stitching or painting as I would like to do.
    Thank you for telling me your thoughts about the GOK and numerology. I almost ripped out the equal sign and number yesterday before I basted it to the quilt. I reminded myself that there was a reason I made it at the time. I think it was just to incorporate numerology because I am fascinated by numbers and there significance. Also I believe everything is equal to a number and sound. The quilt was begun when I started my original blog: the pilgrimmage. I call it my spirit cloth. It is about my personal journey and I have someone interested in it so I am working in the wings to finish it. :) <3

  5. love your new header, as well! so much candy to savour!

    ya gotta love those "crazy" little bits that we all seem to have and then can't remember why in the world we did that in the first place! i actually enjoy finding these little moments in my cloth box. they keep things mixed up and interesting!

  6. Hi Joe,

    I made that new header twice as big. I had to cut it in half and lose a bunch of pictures to make it fit above.
    Oh and thank you : )
    I just wanted a change. I think little changes make me feel like there is movement and growth.
    Some pieces I look at and wonder what I was thinking???? I have some crazy ones, those are relegated to a reject bag... lol!
    I agree it keeps things interesting.

  7. Beautiful tribute to Georgia O'Keeffe, a great person and artist. I love this bright poppy. Your new header is a delight to look at, so much beautiful artwork and inspiration. I don't seem to find your post about this "weawing" technique in your quilts. I am in the process of sewing such a square and wonder about the way to sew it.

  8. Hi Isabelle,

    I love Georgia O'Keefe too! I learned the weaving technique first by seeing it and doing but then by taking a course from Jude Hill. I took the on line "Cloth to Cloth" class and it is fabulous. It is soooo
    worth it. She gives you so many helpful techniques. Definitely worth the investment.