Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stitching corn and Spring thread

My recent thread and fabric acquisition. The colors are "springy" and I am loving
that orange-y color! We have had Spring-like weather recently and lots of sunshine so I 
am thinking about this:

Remember Grandmother's quilt? Time to pull it out and begin stitching on it again. Spring
will always be my reminder for my Grandmother. She loved gardening and being outdoors.

Lastly, I have been stitching up some corn....
Have a great week!


  1. I love the colors of the embroidered corn. Very pretty pile of luscious golden french knots!

  2. French knots always give so much texture to a piece.
    I have some beads I want to add to this piece and I was tempted to make the corn out of the beads,
    but french knots won out. Thank you.
    : )

  3. Marie, I love your Grandmother's Quilt and how it comes out every so often. I imagine it's like reconnecting with her in a way, when you need her maybe -- or is she reaching out to you?

    The corn is so great! Is it in a row? xo

  4. Corn! Love that... I've been prepping the spots in the garden where I'll plant corn in a couple months. :)

  5. Hi Peggy,

    Funny you say about reconnecting. I miss my grandmother so much and yes I need her. She is my mothers mom and I grew up with her. She was the strong figure in my life. Strong in a quiet, good way. I think of her often...Sometimes I think about her words and her voice.
    Pulling the quilt out makes me smile because I have good memories of her. I will sit in the sunshine again and stitch on the quilt. She would love that...she loved roses, gardening and being outside. :)

  6. Hi Deb,

    I was thinking of you when I began stitching the corn! You have such a lovely garden every year.
    Can't wait to see how your garden grows.

  7. Love the corn! It reminds me of my Granmother who grew up on a farm in Iowa. She was an amazing seamstress and lived next door to us and taught me to sew.

  8. Hi Mary,

    Our grandmothers were a different breed. Much more self reliant. It sounds like you have fond memories of your grandmother too. Although my grandmother could sew and crochet, she taught my mother who in turn taught me. I learned basic sewing skills by watching my mother. <3

  9. your collection of cloths in your grandmothers quilt must hold so many stories. & that pile of french knots is great. is this on the grandmothers quilt, too?